I had a crash at the B2B last Sun and the St John's guy cut the left leg of my near new (and undamaged, but that's another story) Assos bibs in a straight line from the gripper right up to the top of thigh. As these are expensive bibs I'd love to get them repaired if possible. 

They are otherwise unmarked. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks. 

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I repaired some bibs by putting some medical/strapping tape over the hole (on the inside) and then stitching through this so the lycra wouldn't rip.  the cut was a lot smaller than that one tho

Check out if ASSOS have a crash repair policy, other big name brands do. Rapha will repair your clothing for free if it's a small enough tear or a sizable discount if the item is unrepairable. Attaquer give you a discount for a new kit.

Failing Daniel's advice ..........

In the interests of symmetry I would only attempt a repair after cutting an identical slash up the right leg also!

Any seamstress/seamster worth their salt should be able to copy the stretch type stitching in a strong synthetic thread and fix them up - but due to the flat seams and edging etc etc they will probably be significantly tighter!


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