Help support safe cycling in Randwick ! Make a quick submission NOW !

Hello everyone,
Randwick Council has just released plans for a top-quality, separated cycleway along Doncaster Avenue and Houston Road Kensington. YAY !
This is something BIKEast volunteers have been lobbying council about for 10 years !
However, there is no doubt going to be a lot of opposition to this idea, so we are asking all cycling supporters – and supporters of better urban amenity – to please write a quick submission outlining your support for the idea. 
Even if you don't live in the Randwick Council area, your support is needed !
Details of cycleway are here:
Link for submission is here:
It only takes 2 minutes to write something ! Some ideas to say (feel free to cut and paste the following):
Dear Randwick Council,
I fully support the plans for a separated cycleway along Doncaster Avenue and Houston Road, Kensington.
This is a much-needed link in Sydney cycling network, allowing people to safely ride along what is an already busy – but presently relatively dangerous – cycle route.
More importantly, by providing a facility that ensures safe cycling for everyone, it will encourage those who do not cycle now because of dangers from cars to consider cycling, which will provide social, environmental and economic benefits for all. Best of all, this cycleway will separate cars from cyclists, as well as cyclists from pedestrians, meaning that everyone will benefit.
Quality landscaping along the route will also make the two streets a much more attractive place to live, work and play.
The route also provides a great cycle link to and from Centennial Park, and to the cycleways heading north from Doncaster Avenue towards the city and towards Bondi Junction.
I have often thought about cycling but am afraid to ride in traffic. By building such as cycleway I will be much more likely to cycle in the future.
Yours etc
Jim @ BIKEast

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Jim, I really appreciate your and BikeEast's long long term efforts but a 2.4m bi-di !

The diagram pretty well sums up the riding options with 2.4m, it means brushing knuckles every time you pass someone coming the other way, assuming no-one wobbles. There is going to be a lot of bike on bike accidents. Most vehicle wing mirrors will protrude into the cycle lane

And I expect we will get 6 seconds of bike green at each set of lights rather than the current same green as parallel motor vehicles. With just Anzac, Todman, Allison that means another 6-10 minutes onto my journey each way, probably more as only the first half dozen cyclists will get through each phase like along Kent St where it can take 3 or more turns during the bike peak hours

I use Doncaster several times a week in both directions but can't see myself using the bi-di

And I realise that any cycleway won't get up if more than a handful of parking spots have to go but I personally would just prefer the current pretty terrible conditions, if they just fixed the hopeless lumpy patches put down after the electricity trenching years ago now it would be so much better

Bi-Dis were an acceptable 3rd best solution 10 years ago but now?

Yeah bi-dis are crap but as usual this is a starter pack design, right?

I agree with your criticisms.

Except I don't agree that the cycleway will be worse than Doncaster is now. Riding on Doncaster currently requires either:

  • taking the lane almost the whole time in order to avoid the door zone, and thus being subjected to numerous acts of dangerous road rage from drivers, or
  • riding in the door zone and hoping not to be hit by a door and thrown under a passing car.

No matter how narrow the bi-di, or how few the seconds of green time, it's better than the status quo.

The only real question for me is whether this shitty bi-di is the best compromise we could currently hope for. Would pushing for a better design, requiring more road space and more green light time, cruel the chances of getting anything?

Hmm, I think it probably would. So let's get what we can while we can.

PS The "plan" is pre light rail, the Doncaster / Allison and Doncaster / Anzac intersections are already completely different and I note lots of "subject to RMS / Light Rail approval..."

With the light rail already "2 years late" I doubt Randwick will get RMS approval until the light rail is running and settled in ?

Most likely you are correct.  Marrickville council (now part of inner west council) had the plans for a skateboard park at St Peters rejected because of WestConnex, even though it wasn't on land  being used by WestConnex.  [They ended up building a skateboard park at Sydenham, I don't know if that's a replacement or another]

Done, with pleasure.

Interesting that IW Council has just put up for comment a cycleway plan on Marrickville Rd, for a bi-di from Sydenham Station to Meeks Rd, just before Marrickville Rd shopping strip. They are widening the street (relocating the kerb) to fit in the bi-di, so presumably can fit in a 3 m path. They are also proposing widening the street on part of Lilyfield Rd. Can Randwick feasibly do this on Doncaster? if interested in leaving a comment on Marrickville Rd.

surprised Bikeast is accepting 2.4m path after  the fight on McEvoy.

I had a good look yesterday. The problem with 2.4m is that it is an already inadequate maximum and in practice will be much less.

The 2.4m includes the gutter width for the inner lane which is 400mm and while fairly new from Alison to Anzac (older, more broken south of Anzac) it is in many places misaligned with the tarred section of the road forming a small ridge or trough just off centre for the inside cycle lane. This becomes worse where ever a driveway has a ramp with the ramp section often extending further than 400mm putting the misaligned section in the middle of the cycle lane and many of the ramps have become deformed due to vehicles passing over them with the centre section cracked and depressed and the outside sections raised. The gutters also have the usual accumulation of leaves, sticks and rubbish.

So most riders will try to avoid this and shift towards the centre.

The outside cycle lane will be within 400 mm (the width of the divider) of the parked vehicles and therefore within 100mm of smaller wing mirrors and closer to wider ones. The door opening danger is reduced but not eliminated. On bin days expect the bi-di to be an ideal bin storage location and expect overflow rubbish on the bi-di.

So 2.4m effectively becomes at best 1.8 and is the reason why a 2.4m bi-di is entirely unacceptable to me.

I understand the concern with the current door death zones and I will never ride inside the white line (about 1m from the parked cars, if this is a problem for the "entitled" motorists they will just have to get used to it but I can't actually recall problems with this section of Doncaster (except race days when it is chaos). I have more problems on the similar Coward St where on lookers will often wonder way the madman cyclist is yelling at a car or truck that he has caught up with at a set of lights.

The "surge" of new cyclists who were "only waiting for separated cycleways" was evident shortly after the first CoS cycleways but was effectively snuffed out by the Liberals and Minister Gay and the participation surveys clearly show declines in cycling in the results for 2014 & 2016. The RMS count figures have not been updated for years and CoS has not released any for the last 4 years plus so I am assuming it is bad news which would accord with my observations (and I am out on the bike a fair amount).

All in all a 2.4m bi-di is not going to be a great boon to cycling and we deserve better, accepting sub-standard / inadequate infrastructure just perpetuates councils and RMS dishing out the same again and we are stuck with it for the next 20 years.


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