The thing that I struggle to understand is the seething anger that so many people have about cyclists and cycling.

I'm sure we can add a thing or two to his (or her, you really can't tell these days ) article which invites comments.
On a serious note, the author is asking:
"What got you on a bike? And what's the best way to get others into cycling?"
if they published my comments, there a very high chance they'll publish yours!

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You do know who it is right ? 

i have to say, I find his style of writing rather poor and quite annoying....


maybe he is trolling, sorry, attempting a particular style of writing in his blog but i can never get past the first paragraph....


actually scratch a herald reader of 30+ years, i find their whole website rubbish.....for him, maybe it's guilt by association....

His name is right next to the blog headline and frequently seen on this site.

the herald wesbite these days seems to be aimed at the B's, C's and D's audience and has way too many celebrity stories, trashy articles and is too cluttered.....


he gets some good repsonses/views to his articles, judging by comments posted there

Come on haters, where are you??

Yeah, I mean everyone could see clearly  that yellow cyclist clearly  in the car lane at the back of that picture, and another one on the line. Jeeze these reckless law breakers.

Good column, Mike Bike. +1

Hmmm, should really be Mike O'Bike.


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