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Possible, potential, maybe, in the future, depends on feasibility study,- they don't seem that keen on the idea! but it will give someone in dept of Planning bike section some work to do. As noted by the academic, it doesn't link up that well with existing routes like George St thru Redfern, but would be a delight to zip down to Darling Harbour if it ever did get connected to the Wilson st route.

Using a disused tunnel between Ultimo and Redfern as a SUP. So sticking active transport;

- underground where they feel really uncomfortable, like the walkway at Central feels I'm imagining, especially for woman (my partner hates it)

- opens up space for more cars in the city

- etc

They are only doing the mirror (looking into it) thing anyways, it won't happen unless CoS/Clover gets behind it I would think as Gladys seems to be incapable of anything other than the mirror thing.

I think most of the route to Redfern is above ground after it emerges from the tunnel under Broadway. On Google it looks like it comes out from underneath the Transport for NSW building in Lee St, so those bicycle planners might have an incentive when investigating this link.
Really big news- our Glad has approved a lift at Redfern station for platforms 6 and 7. And not only that but a bike storage cage in Lawson St.

Use Google Chrome in incognito mode (Ctrl + Shift + n on windows).

Plan attached


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