I've been an avid Sydney Cyclist contributor for 20 years but never have I experience a car dooring - till now (must have been lucky for a long time). Going along High Street, North Willoughby - across the road from the shops - door opens right in front of me - no where to go - smash right into it - bend his door right back. Just a bit bruising of my neck which connected with the top of his door.  Bike OK. I'm a driver too - so I didn't really get angry - didn't get all police on him sort of thing - I was more worried he would probably have a $1000 bill to fix his car - that was karma enough - he won't be opening his door like that again in a hurry. But now i'm home writing this - at a worse angle or if I was going faster - it could have been a lot worse.

The funny thing is - two weeks ago I just filled out a Willoughby Council survey saying how they should really consider a bi-directional cycleway down High Street to avoid car dooring.  Oh the coincidence. 

My thoughts on the matter. Is this a rare occurrence in Sydney? I hear a lot about car doorings in Melbourne - maybe because of the amount of cyclists - but don't hear a lot about it in Sydney,  I also know that they even put together a pretty impressive cyclist accident/incident map - again I don't think Sydney has one of those - not enough cyclists (or not any accidents). I do know that with the death of a few people in Melbourne and along with the incident map - they were able to push the agenda and make more cycleways on city streets. Not sure if we can push the same agenda.

My thoughts on the whole bi-directional cycleway down High Street, North Willoughby was linked in part to me hearing about the West Street Cycleway that's in development in North Sydney.  And obviously the SHB ramp that will also aid new cyclists on the Lower North Shore.  If there is to be an increase in cyclist because of the ramp - and the West Street Cycleway - more people will be cycling along High Street - so thoughts must go towards looking at a bi-directional cycleway - or the cheaper option - promotion along the street that people must look before opening their doors (Amsterdam door look). Again talk about coincidence / irony.

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I have been - on the Pacific Highway in North Sydney - luckily it was fairly a low speed one with no traffic!

And on Sunday morning I was riding just behind a guy on the Pac Hway at Crows Nest who narrowly avoided a dooring from someone getting out of their car without looking. 

He had quick words with her as he went past and I saw her giving him the incredulous "WTF It's not my fault" look.

As I went past her I quietly told her that looking before opening is absolutely the drivers responsibility. Then I got the "WTF It's not my fault" look.


Sadly, we cyclists are the only ones talking about this. We are the victims and the whingers educators.



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