Today at 3.45pm on the 10/11/2016

Whilst riding my bike to work on Church St. near the Corner of Factory St. in a bus lane in the far left I was beeped by a Hills Bus. Who then moved on inches from me then turned in cutting me off forcing me off my bike onto the path over the curb... I caught up to him at the lights at Pennant Hills Road. Tapped on the door...He told me to F#2k Off and when the lights changed he then cut me off again this time even worse...almost running over me and the bike.... Complaints have been made.. will wait for a response.

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Westbus (are they the same company?) are pretty good. Get onto head office and get them to review the CCTV and talk to the bus driver. If you have footage from a camera, send it too them too.

Yes thanks Jon...they should have the camera cctv onboard to verify....thanks for that.

They are the worst busses in the city CBD - always run the reds, toot their fog horns as the slightest infraction and too long for many of the corners. I avoid the Yellow Busses like the plague if I can!

Cheers thanks Justin... yes I'm new to Sydney. I will now watch out for all the buses especially those yellow hills buses. Bloody dangerous.

Just to make one correction, it isn't the bus that is the problem, it is the asshole behind the wheel. Blaming the vehicle for the actions of the driver is something that we should avoid as it is removing responsibility from the person who is responsible (that is, the driver of a vehicle).

It reminds me of a joke I mostly forget: "An accident is something that happens in your pants when you have a collision".

I agree.

I recently witness some poor guy get knocked off his bike in heavy traffic. The police officer who attended asked me if I thought "...the Astra was at fault?" I replied "No. The driver of the Astra was."

It pisses me off when it's framed as the car being the problem, not the person driving it. 

If you have to confront a belligerent driver, placing the bicycle in the bus doors prevents her/him driving the vehicle. This is something you might do if threatened.

If you persist the cops *have* to attend.


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