The Hills Shire Times (local paper) reported this week that the hills shire have 132.38km of off road cycleways and, get this, 70.766km of on road cycleways.

Do they have their definition of cycleway screwed?

I've looked at their map and ride some of the off road cycleways.  These are not cycleways, they are shared paths and at about 80cm wide of black undulating crap hardly even a path.

Others are nice paths and wide but all are shared, shared with pedestrians on the wrong side of the path, meandering along with their off leash dogs or worse with 5m leads strung across paths, shared with parked cars.

Would a serious cycle infrastucture radiate out from ares of high use, say shopping centers and business parks?  These don't.

The on road cycleways are just car park facilities, the ones I've been on don't even have the small worn painted bike on them, no signs, nothing.

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Must be easy to count cycleways as bits of road with bike symbols painted on them, I reckon.

1043km of road.
John, cycle ways, are they made to allow cycles only? Since these are all for pedestrians, parked cars and garbage bins are they really cycle ways or shared paths?

I suspect that the bulk of the so-called "on-road cycleways" are in fact "Road shoulders".


I agree, and they are probably nothing more than a bicycle stencil under the parked cars or in the door zone.

I did a short ride a few weeks ago in the hills district. The quality of roads have quite put me off riding there again.

I am amazed that someone took the trouble to measure the length of all the on-road cycle ways to the nearest metre, or 0.001%.


How much was this person paid for that job?  Did he/she use a tape measure or perhaps a metre stick (my bike odometer only displays to the nearest 10 metres)?  Was the tape measure or metre stick properly calibrated?


Very humorous Martin but  think you should label all of questions "rhetorical" so as not to confuse the newcomers to this site.  :-)

Either that, or when they set off from Sydney to measure the distance they missed the Gosford turnoff. And the next one is about 18km further up the F3.

Please join me on 1.43km of the Hills Shire Council on road Cycleway.  With this level of commitment I don't know what we are complaining about.  This proves that the council undersell themselves, surely all 1043km of road in the Shire is on road cycleway.

I have ridden this almost every day for the last 6 months, a cycleway indeed.  The next time I get told to "get off the fxxXen road" I can feel superior and yell back "get off the fxxXen cycleway".

Oh, sorry about my slow pace, bike and tools/crap I carry weighs about 34kg, I am also a weakling. - video here


just a quick thought, if this so called cycleway is on both sides of the road we are infact seeing 2.86km of on road cycleway.  There are no signs viewable when going in the other direction nor lines on the road.

Wow. You should send that back to council and ask how much of the remaining 70km looks like that before you go out trying to ride it all. I would be interested to hear what they say.

Has anyone got a defintion for cycleway? I'd like to add that to a letter/article I write to the council and newspaper.


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