... thanks to bus driver and other car. Great video.


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Great video. Crap bridge.

great to see some very pro-active road users assist the cyclist and the police also being extremely helpful.


great to see someone (in this case a driver) getting what they deserve... 

The Bicycles May Use Full Lane sign is a new sign in the US , replacing Share the Road signs. Gives a much clearer indication of what sharing means. RMS should consider introducing it here.

That bridge certainly looks scary, wonder what the speed limit was? The lanes look pretty wide, so wonder why no bike lanes marked. Would you ride right in the middle of that lane? Lucky the car had a soft bonnet.



Thanks for the post Michael O. We all love it I am sure.

And it's given me an earworm all afternoon...

Reading about this on the local Bethlehem news it said the footpath you can see on the video was a temporary one while the proper one on the outside was closed for repairs. You can see the temporary barricade, which was on part of the roadway. So the lane was narrower than it normally is. I guess that makes it easier to take the lane, but you would think the road authorities might have done more to make it safer for cyclists, like a temporary lower speed limit. But the paper went on to say drivers treated the bridge like a raceway.


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