Hit by car - trying to deal with their insurance for property damage, need advice

I was recently hit by a car, which attempted to overtake me in a single-lane from behind, but ended up hitting my right side, and swiping me into the median strip.

The driver has admitted fault, and the police have charged them.

However, their third-party insurance has been somewhat...frustrating to deal with. I was riding a fairly decent bike, but I also had a backpack with all my electronics in it (laptop, tablet, phone, BT keyboard etc.) After several months of trying to follow them up, they finally came back today and said they won't cover electronics that were damaged, as they say you can't prove it was damaged in the collision. (I did send in photos of the dings/scratches - some of it is visible damage, some of it is things like the screen being half-dead, or the digitiser not working properly etc.) I believe insurance is saying they don't believe the collision was hard enough to cause any damage to electronics.

Does anybody have any advice on how to handle this? Or any particularly good resources or write-ups?

Also - I'm in Sydney - any good lawyers that specialise in this sort of thing?

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