For comment, a plan for upgrades to bike and walking paths in Olympic Park, Concord foreshores and Wentworth Point. 

Exhibition period: Tuesday 31 July to Friday 31 August 2018

Please email your feedback on the masterplan to

One interesting proposal is to let cyclists use the bus only lanes on the Wentworth Point Bridge. Also proposals to separate Peds and cyclists, and further separate "faster" cyclists from slower types, by eg putting rough pavers on some foreshore paths and providing some better on-road facilities on Hill Rd and Driver Bvde.

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Saw this ad in the SMH yesterday, after translating the corporatese I think it means they are going to put up some signs? Wonder how many police persons will be assigned to the "world class cycling facility" They could start by not locking the south riverside path at night. Bicycles on the bridge bus only road would make a lot of sense, the shared path gets very crowded at time and will only get more. "Cobbles" will be great.

Took me a while to find the Masterplan referred to, you'd think they'd give a link to it.

its more than just signage, proposes path widening and extensions. 

"They could start by not locking the south riverside path at night."

and some lights on the path. It's one of my regular training loops as it only has 1 major vehicle interaction and limited traffic light stoppages, plus it is very lighly trafficked during the weekday mornings.

Lights. Sections are pitch dark and other sections dimly lit.

That and they need to build the paths a lot wider, build for the projected population not the current population.

The recent Bayrun 'upgrade' has provided for too narrow a running track - hence lots of runners using the bike only section...

One day the penny will drop around infrastructure in Australia, but it won't be for another 30 or 40 years I think.


bike on the bus land on the bridge is one thing, but would be nice to be able to access the cycle way on the west end . there's a small bridge there already but its gated, and the only option is to bush bash on a pretty poor surface. would also help to have a round about there to make crossing easier as well as slow down cars on hill road. that's a constant issue

They talk on p45ff about putting a ramp in off the bridge to the foreshore promenade on the Wenty Pt side, if that is what you are referring to. Also eventually putting in a bike path along Footbridge Bvde to Hill Rd, with an interim 30 K limit. Very poor that these connections were never included in the original design.

Also some good things for Hill Rd and Bennelong Parkway (eg new cycling bridge over Haslams Ck on east side of the Parkway, wide bike lanes on Hill Rd), but they do mention the obstacles: RMS, residents, councils, who will all have to agree to do it.

The report keeps on saying we could have "world class cycling facilities" if only everyone supports the plan. It's a big ask in Sydney, but I hope people do get behind this.

I'm referring to the west side - both getting from the current end of the shared path to hill road, then once you cross hill road getting to the share path. There's a small bridge already there to allow car to access an industrial site, but it's permanently locked so once you cross hill road its a short bush bash through soft soil to get to it. If there was a roundabout on hill road and that bridge open it would improve it is I only bother using the bridge less than 50% of the time, I go through the wet lands and bicentennial park. the bridge wa such a half assed effort.

the area where the current share path on the bridge ends and there's no decent lip and crossing point to join the road is something that should never have passed planning, but this was never done with good planning in mind, it was how do we get a token effort from the developers to bypass planning restrictions. 

Oh,the Hill Rd end. Yes, that little bridge is very tantalising, surely they could keep the gate open!

slow down cars - Motorbike cop on hill Rd this morning booking cars for speeding. Stopped to tell him a couple of spots to 'work', ie left from Holker onto Hill, a few speed up the inside, ignoring the 1m rule, and then cut everyone off to turn right into Bennelong. told him a good safe spot he can sit to get them.

He said it's getting worse around there, (der!) and the other morning he booked a b-double for not stopping at the 'infamous' Olympic Park stop sign.

So expect to see more of our friendly blue brigade out there.


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