For only $50 more apiece than they cost brand new from Aldi, you can buy these "ex-demo" MTBs or roadies:

The seller, "Bicycles Online Warehouse" does seem to be a legitimate business, but even if they are genuine ex-demos, to studiously mask the fact they're Aldi bikes and charge more than the brand new price, is really rather shabby.

They give their address as 394 Pittwater Road, North Manly, if anyone wants to pay them a visit... ideally on your Aldi bike with its price tag prominently displayed.

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These are Polygon which are put together in Indonesia. The Aldi bikes may come from the same country or even factory, don't know or really care but the Polygon brand is well supported by these guys, who import them in-house. They are also a good bunch and sell a whole lot of other stuff and even have very high end bikes running dura-ace groupsets in store from time to time.
The bikes maybe old stock so they just wish to sell. Aldi bike come in box, these are built-up by staff that know what they are doing.
Also, the owners own and operate the very successful bike hire shop in Manly and have been pretty thick in getting push Manly Council to do good things for all biking done in the area.

I would suggest you just delete this thread as they are the good guys and it kinda makes you look like you are not.

I shall delete the post when the "good guys" themselves can convince me their bikes aren't absolutely identical to ones sold by Aldi, which were also made in Indonesia and have been identified as being unbranded Polygons. They also have the exact same components, come in the exact same sizes, with identical paint jobs and decals and here's a review of the MTB (correctly identifying it as being sold by Aldi) which features many of the same photos your "good bunch" used in their Gumtree ad for their "ex-demo" bikes.

Well go and visit them then.They have been around a lot longer than Aldi have been selling these types of bikes.

Anyway, I still don't get your point, why should they convince you when you just pointed out they are branded differently to the unmade in a box Aldi bikes, and besides are you so are against someone or a company selling an item at the price they wish? Some people also don't like building up bikes and would be happy to pay for someone to do it. Petrol, milk, bread, bikes different shops all have the same item at a different prices, be pretty hard to name a product that doesn't?


I think you misunderstood me, they're both branded (or unbranded, more accurately) exactly the same way. They are in every single regard the exact same bikes.

I don't know why you're offering these testimonials for them, but I don't owe them anything and the way they're marketing these bikes is, at the very least, disingenuous.

Whatever the precise circumstances surrounding Bicycles Online's acquisition of these bikes, it doesn't alter the fact that very, very close to Christmas (when gift buyers may not have the time to fully research such a purchase) they're offering "ex-demo" (therefore, used) bikes for more than they were just a couple of months ago at hundreds of Aldi stores across the country. And, I expect, without Aldi's no-questions-asked 60 day return policy, or any other warranty as they're "secondhand". It's gonna leave a bitter taste in grandad's mouth when he realises the xmas present he bought in all good faith for the grandkid from these jokers is a ripoff.

I find that objectionable  --  that's my point.

Not misunderstood, just wrong.

SO.... aldi stuff is cheaper. This is not news, and I repeat this company are not shonks and yes I do know them and have bought stuff from them as they are local. They are a good bike shop.  I still suggest you just delete the post as it just reflects badly on you and any good company should be supported not bagged out online because you consider gumtree to be the gospel of good marketing.

Perhaps I misunderstood you, then. I got the impression when you said "wrong", you were saying the BO and Aldi bikes were two different bikes (presumably the BO one being of a better quality), when they are, in fact, as I've been at pains to point out, exactly-the-same-bikes.

In any event, more important is your final sentence. I'm not 100% certain what you mean, but it's not Gumtree marketing these bikes, it's your buddies at BO. It's their ad, it's their wording and they're the ones who took out the ad and the ones who have to stand by it, wherever they may place the ad.

As I said before, when they can convince me I'm wrong, I'll delete the thread.

Look, I don't give a rats about you and your gumtree ethics which is very much buyer beware. I do like SydCyc and wont see rubbish posted which could see it pulled down due to legal stuff.

How about you delete first then go and visit them to work out what you think is right and wrong. If it is shabby, by all means start a new discussion based on facts.

I repeat. Choose your enemies. This company has done a hell of lot of good for bike riding in Sydney and more so than most of the established bike advo orgs. They have also done it very quietly.

"Look, I don't give a rats about you and your

gumtree ethics which is very much buyer beware"

Yet you expect me to obey your directives to delete my thread? And now you raise the dreadful spectre of legal threats hanging over the whole of SC because of my one little itty-bitty post!? Good heavens, either this concern was struck by lightening and has mutated into a much larger issue than could ever normally be possible or you lack a sense of proportion.

For the second time: Gumtree has nothing to do with it; they are merely an advertising platform where your wonderful humanitarian friends placed the ad under discussion. It's those ads that I find "shabby" and nothing you've said has changed my opinion. So when you yourself, say "buyer beware", you are, in effect, saying it about Bicycles Online. So at least there's one thing we agree on, isn't that nice?

Oh, and let's leave the childish threats in the schoolyard where they belong, eh?

Suppose if you missed out on the Week or so they were for sale at Aldi and wanted one, then its worth the extra $50

As long as they aren't suggesting they are discounted

Well, I have described this as bicycle scalping, so, you know, it's about as ethical as ticket scalping, but sure, I take your point, even if it were a $50 assembly charge you could say that's all quite reasonable, *as long as it was clearly stated that that's what it is*  --  this mob has quite elaborately worded their ad to avoid any connection to the exact same Aldi bikes.

And also, why on earth does a relatively small, primarily online/rental outfit need that many demo bikes of just those two models? Should it transpire that they're not  actual "ex-demo" bikes, that would be false advertising.

I don't get the complaint here. Why should a bike shop be required to sell a fully assembled bike at the same price as a supermarket sells an unassembled bike?

That's not what they're selling, according to the "seller's description" they're offering: "Over 30 ex demo Alloy frame / Carbon fork Road bikes for sale. Made by Polygon..."

If they'd just said: 'we're offering these "fully assembled" bikes at this price', there wouldn't be a problem. But it's the "ex-demo" bit that does cause a problem. I've previously raised a question about one little outfit needing so many recently released identical demo bikes, all in seemingly pristine condition, but being "ex demo" means they are "used" bikes and selling a used bike without any value added items for a higher price that it was commonly available for just very recently does merit complaint, don't you think?


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