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this gives me hope.

if you stop you die.

I love this story.  He could have gone faster.  Next year!! 

Another proof of the "Move it or lose it" state of mind.

If I start training now.....

But I just know by the time I'm 100 there will be so many old ex-pros still race hardened, I'll be lucky if I can get above "C" grade at "100 year old" club races!

that photo shows him below the black line... hmmm?

One of my former touring compatriots managed to get a 2nd place in his age group at the pennyfarthing races at Evandale.  If I remember correctly, he was 82 then, and there may have only been one other in that age group.  He rode 100 miles at those events on his self made penny.  A remarkable feat for someone his age, and a true gentleman to boot.

Here he is in full flight taking one of the corners.  Evandale is well worth the visit if you're in Tassie at the time of the races - late February I think.

Hey come on!  It is all very well for you to say stuff Kylie (who is young enough to be my daughter) but I think it is significant for those of us in my age group to commit to being there when it counts!!!

Ummmm!  Did I miss something there?


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