How active is your council in the 2016-17 cycling projects ?

A long list of small and decent sized projects and if your council isn't on it you might want to prompt them to get in queue for 2017-18 !

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I can confirm that Georges River Council (nor its predecessors Kogarah and Hurstville) are not on this list. Gannons Reserve probably should have been as it was built in this period so the list is not comprehensive. 

Can't see the linked document - Perhaps the Gannons Reserve project is a Georges River council initiative and excludes RMS engagement?

Hello Peter,

sorry, yes the link in the link is no longer working. Only a small portion of the track (say 100m) is in a road related area, so RMS would have been at the table at some stage.

Not including Gannons on this list might stem from the funding source which was  "NSW Metropolitan Greenspace Program which contributed $200,000 towards the project. The remaining funds were comprised of $880,000 from Section 94 Developer Contributions for open space projects and $320,000 from Council."

more details here, bit a lot of this funding was for stromwater treatment works, BBQ etc

(As far as I am aware) Georges River Council also does not have a road safety officer, active transport committee, or an active transport plan. It might have been as simple as an email needed to be sent to  Manager, Active Transport on for these project to be added to the list.  Other LGA (e.g. Shoalhaven) include fairly minor items such as bike racks alongside major projects so there does not seem to be a criteria based opn assest size.


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