An interesting but lengthy read from the voice of the NSW Cycling Mecca (ABC Central West)

Curious Central West: How can we change attitudes towards cyclists?

The ABC Website have had a number of these items on cycling recently and this from the Central West has a few interesting but not really novel points.

I certainly like riding in the Central West and we have seen recently Dabba's adventures there.

Not sure we have got much value from our "cycling Roads Minister" but we didn't either from 2 cycling Premiers or a cycling Prime Minister.

Worth the read, we need help where ever we can find it.

As a bonus, when you get bored, you can follow the links on the page to the origins of the names for Curly Dick Road & Dark Corner (just up the road from Sunny Corner) all between Lithgow and Bathurst

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Incorporate cycling training for able bodied drivers, including passing and at roundabouts

Strict Liability

Decriminalize everyday cycling

Yes, and I would add to your first point knowledge tests at every licence renewal, and night vision testing on top of the well lit snellen chart they do.

A stupid-meter as well would disqualify at least half of Australia's licence holders ;-)

Education of drivers - Starting with the police,

Making cycling a compulsory part of drivers licence training.

Awareness campaigns putting pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in order of priority, drivers last of course!

Oh, and registration ;-)

Troll ;)

I'm just back from 1,400km in India with 2 friends. Two of the three bikes had mirrors. We move over when a vehicle is coming. But if we don't, the vehicle slows and passes safely. Mutual respect. It's a two way street.

Perhaps the solution is more videos uploaded to FB that the police seem willing to act on

Hooktube is your friend when youtube is your enemy:

There are two ways to change attitudes towards cyclists:

1. Give motorists $100 every time they give way to a cyclist, instead of trying to kill them. OR,

2. Pass a law that allows cyclists to carry a concealed weapon, of which the cyclist is allowed to use when they believe their life if being put at risk by a motorist.

The first would encourage safe driving through a costly awards scheme, whereas the second would encourage safe driving through the threat of death (Note that the same could be achieved by installing a large spike on the steering wheel of the car that would shoot into the driver in case of a collision. Note also that I can't take credit for that last bit about the spike).


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