Census data can be a bit hard to find and compare, so I thought I'd share a rally good site I found through my work in local government.  Informed Decisions collate census data in a useable format for participating local government authorities.  Anyone can access their site at http://home.id.com.au/id-community/client-list and go exploring.  Once you are on the site, go to profile.id for the area that interests you, and follow links through Area Profile, What do we do? to Methods of travel to work.

There you will find the percentage of trips to work made by bike for that area.  You can compare data with other areas, regions, or nationally, and you can compare with any census year from 1991 (unfortunately 1986 is not available)

Sad to say, commuting by bike nationwide in 2011 is down on 1991 levels (down from 1.3% to 1%).  Also nationally we have seen no increase over the past five years, though a small capital cities gain from 0.9% to 1.1%  The regions tell the saddest tale - check it out if you like.  As a regional resident, that has been my experience.

Its worth spending a bit of time on this site if your interested, not only in cycling (as transport) but wider transport and other data.

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Great link. Thanks for sharing.

If I check my own local area, Waverley Council, the drop in bicycle use is more or less matching the rise in car use. It is also matching the next couple of observation (which I dont have hard data to support):

1. There are more large cars on our local roads, as in big balck shinny 4WDs (that never seen dirt and most likely wont so why have them, one can ask)

2. The population is turning to be riche and richerr. With wealth comes selfishness, narrow minds, arrogance,agresivness and lack of social awareness (I can see sociologists and capitalists jumping at me....well bring it on!). The need for speed and power is essential for this kind of life style  and therefore the choice is car, a BIG ONE and not pushbike.


So we are turning into the kind of society that needs to do the opposite in times of Global Warning about Global Warming but like other civilazations in the past we are doomed and so are most other things in the Noah's ark of ours.

Yeah Boaz, the wealthy really are bad drivers, as this study shows: http://www.health24.com/news/Man/1-926,72978.asp

Drop in bicycle use in Waverley!  Thats not right.  There has been a big increase not just in number of bikes but also in the proportion of share of journeys.  Car use has dropped proportionally.

+ 1 Excellent link!

In the people's republic of Erskineville

5.4% of people travelled by bicycle to work in 2011, up from 3% in 2006. 

Public transport up a few percentage points.  I know now why the train is more crowded - 433 more people than 2006.

but a massive drop in car as driver from 34.6% to 29.7% (although still an absolute increase of 52 - perhaps because a higher % of people went to work on census day in 2011).

The number of people going to work in a truck halved!  (admittedly from 6 to 3)

In the City of Sydney, bike modal share went:

1991: 1.3%
1996: 1.2%
2001: 1.6%
2006: 1.7%
2011: 2.9%

A jump between 1996 and 2001, and then a massive jump between 2006 and now. We have 3.5 times the modal share of the rest of Sydney.

Still, it's less than 3% - more than a blip, but not much more.

Great link. But how pathetic is Neutral Bay! I am one of only 55 that ride to work. Down a fifth from 2006. More people from there go to work in a taxi.

At a recent unit strata meeting I suggested  we should have bike parking so I would not have to carry my bike up and down 3 flights of stairs. Two people exclaimed that the sight of bikes parked outside the building would look terrible. I ventured that I thought the sight of cars was no better. But I had very little support.

0.3% for Rockdale.

Sad, especially given the excellent access we have to cycling infrastructure (Cooks River, Kurnell/Cronulla, Airport cycleways)

Wow! That is even worse than Neutral Bay.

A depressing end to the week.

I guess there is a correlation between the positive attitude towards bikes from CoS and the 2.9% cycle-commute level in that area.

by map


and without the outer 'burbs


There were quite noticeable shifts to cycling in the inner south and around Manly. The total number of people cycling as part of their journey to workplaces in Sydney went from 12,128 in 2006 to 17,838 in 2011.

Marrickville doing well:

1991: 254 (0.7%)

1996: 342 (1.0%)

2001: 588 (1.6%)

2006: 793 (2.1%)

2011: 1384 (3.3%)

I wonder how the census stats work for people like me who average 25% ride to work, 75% drive?

I can't remember exactly how the questions were put forward.

"How did you get to your main place of work today?" or something similar


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