I got some new tyres for my main bike, and then for I don't know why, started taking off accessories that had accumulated over time. Bye Pannier Bags, Bye Pannier Rack, Bye Saddle Bag with Puncture Repair Kit/Tools, Bye Hitch for Tagalong, Bye 1.5L Water Bottle and cage, Bye Pump. Bye Front Light and external Battery Pack, bye Rear Light, Bye Handlebar Bag. My bike is probably less than 1/2 the weight it was with everything on it now. It seems nicer to ride now and made me wonder why is it that we non racers accumulate so many accessories?

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Make a recording of tyres screeching and a crash as a horn. (joke)

Mark, That's Cool. Kids must love that!

Snowy, Schwalbe Big Apple's

Buy 4 for $80 at $20 each with free p&h from eBay at CyclingDeal only but not from CyclingDeal site.


I think that I hear you spewing. Check the spiderwebsite first before you buy for comparisons of the prices.

Did the same thing with my Fuji tourer just started peeling away to the bare necessities. Though I put back and take off as the situation demands. However the loss of one washer from my roady would render it inoperable

Snowy, You've done it again!! Yes Spewing Hard. I did check some websites then got them from Pushys for $55 each with a Netti Bikebrite Jersey for Hannah for $12

I like a light bike, no matter what I'm using it for.
Weekender, roadie-commuter, foldie, track, fixie,even future ebike.... as far as I'm concerned, the weight is something I definitely look at/consider.
I acquired a vintagey steel frame +fork recently and weighed it , it came in over 3.5kgs. It's now collecting dust.

I like a practical bike for commuting, so the roadie-commuter has bell, lights, saddlebag with laptop capacity. And now mudguards.
Tools, puncture kits, pump are all in a bottle toolkit and that either sits in the bottle cage or in saddlebag.
Are there days I wish I had a basket, panniers, canopy? Yes. But generally, I far prefer knowing that I've taken all reasonable effort to make my climbs that fraction easier.

Imo, What's far worse than weight on the bike is weight on your shoulders and it has been a long while since I've ridden with a backpack.

I have to agree with you Peter, when I used to ride with a backpack (even a light one) I had the feeling of not being able to breathe properly and the sensation of becoming overheated due to sweating associated with a backpack on the torso.

I now use either a small Ortlieb classic pannier bag or a topeak bag on the back rack.

I carry a first aid kit on most rides and have used on some occasions.

I also carry a tool kit and spares, enough to be self sufficient on the ride, and a phone if I need to call up the back up car(lovely wife) to come to my aid if i can't get to public transport.

Agree on backpacks being hot and uncomfortable. I started out many years ago with a backpack to carry clothes and laptop. Shifted to topeak rack mounted bag. After a while, however I started to accumulate all kinds of junk in the bag. I started to enjoy my rided less as the bike felt heavy and slow. With weight over the back wheel I got a lot of pinch flats too.
I now commute in normal clothes so I never need to carry spare clothes. Also I now carry a lovely win8 tablet which, compared to my old laptop weighs almost nothing. With these savings I carry a small satchel ... deliberately small so I cant accumulate junk. It sits low in the small of my back so doesn't feel heavy on my shoulders the way a backpack does. I also choose to cycle more slowly now so I dont get all sweaty. I find it kinder on my aging body and safer as im not pushing my luck as much as I use to. If you commute around hills/parramatta you've no doubt passed me some time ... everyone passes me.

The weight of my bike (including accessories and luggage) is close to half my body weight.

That's not a problem when I'm actually riding the bike. The hard part is carrying it up stairs or pushing it across sand.


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