According to the Terrorgraff and the UnAustralian Charlie Teo who is a neurosurgeon thinks speeding cyclists are “f…kers” who should take their Lycra and pack mentality and stop using Centennial Park as a velodrome, world-renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo says. He doesn't say anything about motorists breaking the speed limit - probably because they provide him with more than enough business. 

Maybe cyclists should rethink any support they give to his charity the - the Cure for life foundation. After all it is interesting that the good doctor is a self confessed speed junky on his motorbike. While we should not give "f..kers" like Teo and the Terrorgraff ammunition by speeding in Centennial Park - should we be supporting people who come out with anti-cycling garbage? 

Could we give some feedback to the"share the park campaign" that he appears to be spruking?

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Ignore him?

I've heard from a few people that he's a total dickhead and terrible doctor who messes up his patient's lives because of his egotistical approach to high-risk surgery.

He sure knows how to get publicity for himself though, eh?

I have to bight my tongue here. But consider the incentives...

A good specialist with a good reputation in the medical community but no media profile in his field can earn 300 - to  -500k pa.

A high media profile adds NOTHING to that. MAYBE another 50k IF your lucky

so why the media whoring??? 


I think you should do some fact checking first before sprouting rubbish online. People canchoose to be anything on the internet, its a pity so many choose to be stupid and lazy. I'm a patient of Charlie Teo and a cyclist. I wouldn't be alive today if he hadn't operated to remove my Brain tumour in 2008.

"encouraging peace and harmony" by calling people f..kers? Yeah that works. Can you self check for head trauma?

Like Screwballs mounting the footpath to drive a mercedes benz into a person?

I have never been able to lap centennial park at 35km/hr without being overtaken by motorists.  Pedestrian collisions with a 35km/hr cyclist are almost never fatal, where as collisions with 45km/hr cars usually are.  The cars are driving close to the rear bumpers of parked cars, and the boot of parked cars is a common destination for pedestrians, and they can regularly be sighted, standing there, and not observing traffic flow.

The actual blindness of this guy as to how he got to the park, and what risk that entails to others is astounding.

+1 here. 

All true.

Since it is a park, it would be nice to think that it would be a first place of choice for enforcing the 30 limit.

And despite the needs & agreement of the club racers, I think it would be better for cycling and other park use if they did ensure than no-one goes over 30 rather than let drivers do as they do now.

Regarding 'share-the-park' what is a "car lane"?

I see no such thing in the Australian Road Rules.

Is it something in place to allow speeding drivers to go faster than allegedly speeding cyclists?

"The Saturday Telegraph yesterday witnessed speeding cyclists ignoring a pedestrian crossing in Centennial Park."


I guess the wriggle is that if they were to ban cycling in the park, they would also have to ban driving.

Hmm. Perhaps that would be a good outcome.

Ditto speed enforcement.

Who is Riddley? He pops up a lot with facts and counter arguments. A brave one, in face of the anti cyclist mob.
I think Riddley is some mysterious caped crusader on a bike. His pushback is epic.

Worthy of an Order of Australia for services to cycling ...


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