According to the Terrorgraff and the UnAustralian Charlie Teo who is a neurosurgeon thinks speeding cyclists are “f…kers” who should take their Lycra and pack mentality and stop using Centennial Park as a velodrome, world-renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo says. He doesn't say anything about motorists breaking the speed limit - probably because they provide him with more than enough business. 

Maybe cyclists should rethink any support they give to his charity the - the Cure for life foundation. After all it is interesting that the good doctor is a self confessed speed junky on his motorbike. While we should not give "f..kers" like Teo and the Terrorgraff ammunition by speeding in Centennial Park - should we be supporting people who come out with anti-cycling garbage? 

Could we give some feedback to the"share the park campaign" that he appears to be spruking?

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Sure does some fine work. Someone orta do a compilation for us Puter Leats.

Riddley seems to be someone (else) who is omnipresent ...

Someone (else) you say ...

All right, maybe just "someone" ...

We went through this 2 years ago and the cycling clubs, aided by Cycling NSW, reached an interim agreement with the Centennial Park Trust. Is the trust now looking to go back on this agreement and enforce the speed limit before 9am? The new "share the park" campaign makes no mention of usage times. News Limited know this as they have run many beat up stories on cyclists in the park before; so would Charlie Teo if he has been using the park for as long as he says he has but this stuff is easy to forget if you are pushing your own agenda.

if they do, clubs could ignore perhaps

This last blew up 2 years ago when speed humps were proposed. The cycling clubs agreed to finish their training bunch rides before 9 am and be out of the park before most other vulnerable users arrive. I don't ride in CP so I don't know if this is the case but I expect that the cycling clubs have kept to their side of the bargain so I don't understand the new beat from the CP Trust.

If the share the park campaign said < 30 km/h between 9 and 4:30 then fine that is sharing the park, but to push for < 30 and all times excludes training bunches.

Maybe a showdown over speed enforcement will happen, or they will put in calming devices of one kind or another. The before 9am agreement makes a lot of sense, though of course clubs might participate in such an agreement they cannot agree on behalf of others.

The real problem of course is outside the park, where on-road training continues to be hazardous.

How about we take the high ground, starting by changing the title of this thread?

Name calling is beneath cyclists when what we want is the ability to ride our bikes safely and get home alive.

Don't belittle the argument by dropping to their level.

It is of-puting Susan,

I certainly don't read articles like the subject one in the so called news papers.

Flaker Fluker Fliker Faker

Forget "Share the Park"- how about "Save the Park"

With the creeping commercialisation of Centennial Park, all the new signs and poles and posters popping up and traffic directions and barricades and hoardings with warnings and t-shirts on trees (TWEE)  and other assorted junk having now invaded the park, not to mention the petrol fumes and bumper to bumper cars on a nice weekend, it's now more restful to ride your bike OUTSIDE the park - you might as well go for a cycle up Victoria Road, it's getting very similar.

Why couldn't they leave the poor bloody park alone? .

I predict that in ten years there will be 2 square metres of grass left and the ducks and flowers will all be plastic..

Then they can concrete it over and sell it to Frank Lowy and he can build another giant shopping centre.



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