According to the Terrorgraff and the UnAustralian Charlie Teo who is a neurosurgeon thinks speeding cyclists are “f…kers” who should take their Lycra and pack mentality and stop using Centennial Park as a velodrome, world-renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo says. He doesn't say anything about motorists breaking the speed limit - probably because they provide him with more than enough business. 

Maybe cyclists should rethink any support they give to his charity the - the Cure for life foundation. After all it is interesting that the good doctor is a self confessed speed junky on his motorbike. While we should not give "f..kers" like Teo and the Terrorgraff ammunition by speeding in Centennial Park - should we be supporting people who come out with anti-cycling garbage? 

Could we give some feedback to the"share the park campaign" that he appears to be spruking?

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Night cycling- there's the answer!  or actually build a velodrome. Maybe an underground one, that'd be a first. Sort of like CERN. They are just not using all that space properly!

basing a training route on something called a supercollider doesn't seem like the best of starting points.

Please no night cycling - riding through the Park on a moonlit night without lights is one of the few small pleasures left in commuting on a bike in Sydney. Other than being on a bike, of course.

Oh dear. I suspect you are right too.

Why couldn't they leave the poor bloody park alone?

Cos they're short of cash. The obvious solution is to start charging for parking. 

I'd like to see parking meters on the Grand Drive and outer roads, and no cars allowed at all on the inner roads. Everybody wins - those that NEED to drive can still do so, the Trust gets a reliable cash flow, and a large section of the park becomes car-free.

One group of road users are alleged to occasionally exceed the posted limit by 10-15km/hr and all of a sudden it's newsworthy?

If that's all the paper wrote about (and they're not far off it) they'd be having to find room for the sudoko and crossword.

Dr Charlie Teo was interviewed on 702 radio morning show this morning 16/06/2014 with Linda Mottram (sic?). I have looked on the 702 site for a link, but unable to locate.  It was interesting.  He alluded to his crazier days on the motorcycles.  For this thread, the link would be useful.  If any one else finds please post.


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