Hi all,

I'm sick of the drag on the front wheel.  ( DH-F703 6v 3.0w ) 

Examples of the drag


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hnKdiQOG2A (between 3:10 he spins and the wheel stops at 3:14 - that's for the Shimano DH-F703 , and it didn't look any longer with the Son dynamo hub later in the video (which is a $400 before being laced to a wheel) ) 

The halogne light and rear is decent, and the connection looks straight forward with just 2 wires, is there a way to splice in a battery pack instead?

I rather carry a static battery weight then to deal with the drag. 

(It also opens up the option to change the front wheel to non dynamo option)



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Let us know how you go!

As an aside, my Dutch bike has a generator and LEDs which I love. I just leave them on and forget about them.

My German MTB has USB rechargeable LEDs and they are great but I do prefer the generator especially as the German LEDs do not recharge from the bike. Putting them on and turning them on is a chore, especially with several trips per day.


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