1) Daily congestion Charge for motor vehicles to enter the CBD. This would fund...

2) ...removal of tolls on the Cross City Tunnel

3) Removal of all onstreet parking, other than loading zones.

4) Contraflow bicycle lane on every oneway street in the CBD

5) Bikeshare scheme with helmet exemption within CBD boundaries

6) 30kph speed limit. Enforced. Texting crackdown. Blocking Intersections crackdown.

7) Reinstate College St Cycleway

8) Add the missing link to Liverpool St Cycleway, and continue with a protected cycle lane to Taylor Square

9) Increase annual levy on commercial car spaces.

10) Make train travel free to Opal users within the City Circle loop outside of peak hour.

11) Lengthen pedestrian Green phases and reduce wait times.

12) Provide zebra crossings midblock.

13) Bike signals should go green every phase - not based on someone sitting on ineffective sensors. Cars turning left would see a flashing orange turn arrow, requiring them to give way.

14) Remove politicians access to comcars.

15) Instead of cracking down on "jaywalking", encourage it. Make the city for People first.

You're welcome.

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16) remove permission buttons for pedestrains

Bang On!

I had a German colleague visiting Sydney in August and I took him on a Sunday morning sightseeing walk around the City - Opera House, The Rocks, Barangaroo, etc.

It was embarrassing how long we had to wait to get a walk signal at crossings - dozens and dozens of pedestrians waiting for four or five cars to drive down George St.

It was just wrong. We need movements through the city to be reprioritised to the way enlightened European cities are - 

Peds and bikes first, cars last is how it should be.

That would start punching the message into people who drive through the city.

17) and eliminate mostly high speed slip lanes what often require three separate requesting of permission to cross maybe involving 10 minutes of waiting
18) eliminate intersections where there are crossings only on three sides of a the four sides requiring pets to cross three roads to get where they want to be.
Right, I'm sold, pitchforks at the ready, let's get down to Macquarie St!
Oh, and 19), send all RMS traffic engineers to Reeducation camps in Holland.

"send all RMS traffic engineers to Reeducation camps in Holland"

And Dunc Gay anywhere out of Oz!

Oz Planet

Oh I got the feeling that's where he was already


I see a significant problem with your proposal

Too much common sense has been applied

20) $1/minute charge on taxis while in CBD

You're a hard man Profi!  :-)  I understand where you're coming from, but there are people who may need to use motorised transport because of physical problems that they may have.  Often they may be on a pension of some sort, so a penalty such as you're suggesting may mean the difference between eating or not being able to afford food.  I expect that they would be very much in the minority, but perhaps some consideration of their special needs might need to be made.

Electric city bikes or trikes might solve a lot of mobility problems.


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