1) Daily congestion Charge for motor vehicles to enter the CBD. This would fund...

2) ...removal of tolls on the Cross City Tunnel

3) Removal of all onstreet parking, other than loading zones.

4) Contraflow bicycle lane on every oneway street in the CBD

5) Bikeshare scheme with helmet exemption within CBD boundaries

6) 30kph speed limit. Enforced. Texting crackdown. Blocking Intersections crackdown.

7) Reinstate College St Cycleway

8) Add the missing link to Liverpool St Cycleway, and continue with a protected cycle lane to Taylor Square

9) Increase annual levy on commercial car spaces.

10) Make train travel free to Opal users within the City Circle loop outside of peak hour.

11) Lengthen pedestrian Green phases and reduce wait times.

12) Provide zebra crossings midblock.

13) Bike signals should go green every phase - not based on someone sitting on ineffective sensors. Cars turning left would see a flashing orange turn arrow, requiring them to give way.

14) Remove politicians access to comcars.

15) Instead of cracking down on "jaywalking", encourage it. Make the city for People first.

You're welcome.

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Sort of.


Tho sometimes the car rental is short and it isn't left both hired and parked at the same time. Just one of the better alternatives to a taxi, not the only one.


Most times I use the Opal and legs.


And I hasten to point out that I did propose a fee for taxis in the CBD, not exclusion. The point is that to cruise around, be dangerous, pollute and occupy space they would get to pay.

I have had more abuse from taxis than hiviz ute drivers - so with you there Profi

Taxi drivers do it pretty tough and are pretty low down on the social pecking order, lower even then ute & white van drivers so it is understandable they will have a go at the only group lower then them.

Violence is not remotely acceptable.

My objective with (20) is to reduce the amount of taxi clutter, and make the industry pay its share of the public resource they over-utilise.


Their ill behaviour is peripheral. Except that it reduces one's desire to have them about or use their 'services'.


Add: Separated, single-direction cycleways on at least every second street in the CBD.

1 & 2 would help no end.

I spoke to people about point 2 when the tunnel company went into receivership, but the government's hands were tied by procedural matters regarding the retrieval of unpaid stamp duty ($50m if I remember rightly). They should have waived it and swapped it for equity in the Tunnel and acquired the balance. Then they could have made it toll free at least during the next few years during light rail construction.

Overall can't really disagree with any of these. Mind you members of the forum are already converted. In order to get change you need to cross "political" boundaries. 

We had another list back in 2012, on The Times of London Manifesto thread. Must check in to the Times and see what the latest is.

Another one:

Implement something similar to the "Safer Lorry Scheme" now in effect in the UK.

All trucks now entering London must be fitted with sideguards. Truck and Dog combinations are banned. All trucks must be fitted with mirrors to a new, much higher standard.

In London the cyclists keep getting crushed by Lorrys against the very strong railings which are extremely common at intersections in their CBD.  I guess the railings prevent some jay walkers getting killed, and that is why they are there.  Fortunately, (for cyclists), our traffic engineers aren't quite so intent on keeping pedestrians off the roads.

They have been removing these railings in London as of a few years ago.


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