1) Daily congestion Charge for motor vehicles to enter the CBD. This would fund...

2) ...removal of tolls on the Cross City Tunnel

3) Removal of all onstreet parking, other than loading zones.

4) Contraflow bicycle lane on every oneway street in the CBD

5) Bikeshare scheme with helmet exemption within CBD boundaries

6) 30kph speed limit. Enforced. Texting crackdown. Blocking Intersections crackdown.

7) Reinstate College St Cycleway

8) Add the missing link to Liverpool St Cycleway, and continue with a protected cycle lane to Taylor Square

9) Increase annual levy on commercial car spaces.

10) Make train travel free to Opal users within the City Circle loop outside of peak hour.

11) Lengthen pedestrian Green phases and reduce wait times.

12) Provide zebra crossings midblock.

13) Bike signals should go green every phase - not based on someone sitting on ineffective sensors. Cars turning left would see a flashing orange turn arrow, requiring them to give way.

14) Remove politicians access to comcars.

15) Instead of cracking down on "jaywalking", encourage it. Make the city for People first.

You're welcome.

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When I was working in Bangkok in 2001, vehicles over a certain size were only allowed in the city between about 10pm to 4am (or thereabouts).  Maybe that would help!

Boris signals curb on white vans, mini cabs and new standards for HGVs
Re point 13 on green times, an intersection design proposed by LCC gives cars and bikes equal green, and increases ped times too.

If there was ever a real intention to do something positive, and I question that, then certainly point 11 and 13 give most 'bang for the buck'.  At virtually no initial cost or maintenance cost, the peds and cyclists get an easier run.  True, the people in cars get a longer travel time, but they are a tiny minority in the big picture.


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