Barry O'Farrell can't conceive of business men and women riding bikes to work, to the law courts (as lawyers do in Dublin)  or anywhere for that matter.  Our professionals are too busy making money to buy cars, the Daily Tele explains in a recent editorial,(wed.)  to use bikes  as transport which they gave up on leaving school

Problem is that our professionals don't look like professionals except perhaps cycling professionals. How do we get more people in normal business  clothes using bikes?  On a recent early morning tour, I saw not one.

Can it be so hard when all over the world, people do it, and cover distances as vast as ours, and have hot weather to contend with.

This matters because it can change the vibe favorably for everyone and then we'd have a situation more like London. 

There's talk of a demo ride in suits  etc. on Aprils fools day and or the day after Anyone interested?

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If people really believe in promoting cycling as transport, and live in a hilly area, the solution is an E bike. You can ride an E bike in ordinary clothes without getting sweaty.

This allows you to be a rolling billboard for the bike option, sending a much more inviting message to the non rider than the sports mode.

My local doctor rides an E bike during the week and a light road bike in the weekends. Different bikes for different hikes. You can see Docfor Ian and his wife Gill, proposing this option in this film, Bike it or not.

But of course to do this, one has to get out of the mindset that every ride is a training session, because, whilst the E bike is still good exercise especially for older folks , it's clearly  not ridden for that purpose. Because its not about sport or competing, it's not in any way cheating

"All this talk for getting people riding in "normal clothes" can come across as pretty divisive."

If you read it as suggesting that current cyclists should eschew Lycra for normal clothes, then you'd be right. But I think the intended message is that we need to promote "normal clothes" cycling to the vast majority of the population who would never consider dressing in special sports clothes just to get from A to B.

So carry on with your Lycra cycling. It's not about you.
Don't give up, once those Lycra types try the shy shorts and baggies they will be converts. Remember, April 1 is Shy Shorts Day. I guess April 2 can be Ride to Work in a Suit Day. Mike, are you in?

Yes, Bob,  I'm in and we might have the new Dutch guy, Martijn, participating  as well.

 I'd like the ride to end at Parliament house so that there could be talk staged  for the press. Testimony from foreign bikers would be a big part of the pitch. Get Martijn and Herve

Could you be part of the organizing? It was originally  proposed, the suits ride, by  Jane Salmon but she's not got back in touch and so I don't know it she's still interested .  I'm too far out of town to be the main organizer.

I also need to be free to do the filming.

There is a latent interest i am sure amongst SC members in a ride of some sort, to celebrate 4000 members, to show Barry we care, or to support Clover, or to promote riding to work, in Lycra or whatever as far as I am concerned. The suits angle might just be catchy though. But will only succeed if a large turnout. If there is a lot of interest, say hundreds, then let's do it. Just have to work out a date and place to congregate. We could all start in Leichhardt and pedal in via Glebe and Haymarket and do a ride along George St to the Quay. But repeat, need hundreds, or all 4000.

Being identifiably Sydney Cyclist=4000 members would be the thing.

We do really well with info here, less well with showing our numbers & influence.

Since the Pink Palace is asleep at the w/e, I favour a before work or after work event.

How about finishing up in the Rocks at one of the historic boozers?

How about done so as many as poss can hit a meet point after work, pre-ride? Say Central Station??

Or the other way, as in meet at Sydney Cove and head for drinkies in Leichhardt??

This has to be well planned for max impact.  I think the ride should be to parliament. Where, it should start  I'm not sure it would be good to use bikeways as much as possible. We are trying to reach O Farrell after all,  and it should be early enough for TV journalists to file stories for the night news

I think the ride has to be during the working day. I know that means less riders, but it surely has to end up at parliament where we can speak to journalists. it also has to be early enough to catch the TV news. We need a media savvy organizer.

Even 100 people in suits,skirts, normal clothes will be impressive. Even Fifty bunched in front of a TV camera will fill the frame and the bike-way.

We need a clear message and to be on message

Barry laid down the challenge which gives us our message. Business people(i.e. his kind of people ) don't ride bikes.Well, we have news for him, that's the message.

Ideally,  we need real business types in real business clothes to ride, the sort you see in other cities on the public bikes. Take a look at the lawyer and businessmen in my blog post. Http://

Parliament finishes on April 4, returning May 1.
The Facebook ride on April 2 is an option, midday start. If people are serious sign up to that event. Or the one on Sunday if you can't make it on the Monday. For the Sunday one, maybe several meetup points can be organized so the ride in is like spokes of a wheel, meeting at Town Hall.

Edit: cant see how to reply to the Facebook event. Do we need to be invited or something?

Bob, Jane salmon wants to be in touch re the demo. can you give me your phone no. Mine is 0425 230 217. mike

Exactly, Colin. Its a broad church but what we need right now,  is a softer slower image to bring in non riders.

On my bike I'm as much a propagandist for utility cycling as a rider. I'm very aware trying to make what i do look as appealing as possible to non riders. I make Eye contact, which is easy when sitting upright  I often go slow, I talk to people it I can. I like doing that. Also with the bike art, I hope to bring  cachet to cycling by revealing the beauty of the body on the bike. Here's the bike poster art  I hope bike shops will display. Its part of the same message. Grace, stately, beauty, slower, colorful, individual


Its not about you-glad someone said it.


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