An off-duty police officer has died after being hit by a ute while ....

Another terrible tragedy.

Pictures suggest good sightlines! 

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I circulated the above vid to my cycling group and got one response of "that was completely uncalled for by the motorist,however the cyclist is also at fault by not riding on the perfectly adequate shoulder". I won't elaborate on my response to him, but while ever his attitude is the norm we're in trouble! Plod and the judiciary's continued attitude of excusing the inexcusable actions by some motorists is probably the biggest impedance in making our roads safer for all users!

The location another road user is on the road is no excuse for deliberately endangering their life 

How is it "completely uncalled for by the motorist" yet the cyclist is still at fault?

I hope you asked your respondent that!

Cyclists should not have to apologise for being on the road.

My response to him -

"Come on xxx, you’re a better man than that!  Your response that “the cyclist is also at fault” is using the same excuse that a rapist uses “because she was asking for it!” While ever we accept this attitude in our country it will never be safe for cyclists on the road. The road rules recognise a cyclist as a valid road user who can take the entire lane of a road if they choose. Until such time as the population accepts this, there will be those who think that it is their right to punish cyclists just for being there and being different. They are no better than any of the middle east terrorist mobs who kill people because their beliefs are different to their own.

In the case of the video, I would have ridden on the shoulder if the surface was ok (not sure the vid is clear enough to show that), but that doesn’t excuse the driver for doing something that would have potentially killed the cyclist just because the driver thought that he shouldn’t have been there! No one has the right to harm someone just because they don’t agree with what they do or say!"

Too right!
Punishment passes like this are completely inexcusable regardless of rideable shoulder or not.
The driver had the whole road to use to pass with consideration of others and instead made a deliberate decision to show the bike rider "who's the boss".
Pathetic, dangerous, and yes, uncovering deeply embedded issues in Aussie driver attitudes.


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