"Get a car mate"

this isn't new for any of us I am sure.  I had no decent come back at the time, maybe no comeback is the best option but I'd like to have said something witty or thought provoking.  Mind you people that make these comments can't be provoked into thought.

So what could I say back?

"ef you mate"

"think of me while your fillin ya tank"

"I'm keeping my money in Australia"

"what's it to you?"

all pretty lame, if you have something good let me know.

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I like your suggestion because it avoids replying with something that accepts the "bike vs car" premise of the original shouted comment. Instead it makes the original shouter feel nosey and intrusive simply for shouting something out.

ahaha sorry. Got it! Slow day.

Haha yes, never argue with an idiot ;-)

"Genius! You've just found the solution to Sydney's traffic woes!"

a few good ones here including just ignoring the idiots, I find this one is quite good sus

"I did. But then I realised reality is nothing like what they portray in the adverts. But my bike on the other hand..."

Sometimes I want to say "I can't afford one" (even though I have two). But I say nothing usually and dwell for a while on how small their lives must be that they're so easily provoked by being slowed for 30 seconds by a cyclist. You don't hear them shouting abuse to bus drivers...

thing is I was not slowing them, i was travelling in the opposite direction and they were stopped behind a car waiting to turn left on a T which was waiting for cars going in both directions on that T.  I had nothing to do with their traffic.

"Enjoy your traffic" + smile

Why dwell on it rather than say it? How about, "How small your life must be, to shout abuse from your car at me".

"get a girlfriend"

If you catch them up at the next red light, say something like "Mate if I had my car today, you wouldn't have been able to overtake me back there". Motion back down the street. Also be polite when the light turns green and wave them ahead of you. They will then have no comeback.

woah best yet...


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