"Get a car mate"

this isn't new for any of us I am sure.  I had no decent come back at the time, maybe no comeback is the best option but I'd like to have said something witty or thought provoking.  Mind you people that make these comments can't be provoked into thought.

So what could I say back?

"ef you mate"

"think of me while your fillin ya tank"

"I'm keeping my money in Australia"

"what's it to you?"

all pretty lame, if you have something good let me know.

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"Good one - for a moment there I almost thought you were serious!"

I was told to get a real bike a couple of weeks ago by some lovely lady and when it was my turn for a comment I was going to say..

  What my Fuji tourer isn't a real bike? I'm only on this because it looks like rain and i didn't want to get my roady wet ( no mud guards ) and my Honda CBR1100XX is at home but I don't want to contribute to the traffic and global warming, so I ride one of my bikes for my health and the health of the planet. But then the lights changed and the moment was lost so I just waved good by and went home.....

 by "real" did she mean a motorbike?

I'm not sure now that I think about it, I think so. I think it was just a random dumb thing a person like that would say, the traffic was bad she was fat we should cut her some slack the poor love. Just being her is punishment enough.

What? No thanks not my thing to needlessly pollute, wait in Q's and get fat.

Princess Bride answer: You are offering [to surrender] your car to me? Very well I accept.

No thanks. I don't want people thinking I'm fat and lazy.

"Nice car mate. Shame about the d!ckhead driving it"


"A bogan in [suburb name]. Whatever next?"


"Good luck at the sheep dog trials" <-- this one always confuses them.

"No thanks, but it looks like you could use some time on bike though"

What about, "bicycles were using the roads long before cars were, so please hose down your sense of entitlement."

maybe just "I've yawned at smarter comments"

yesterday, same corner, young guy sees he waited for a damn bike, yells out "faaarrrrk".

I know he is a young guy because as I pulled into my driveway he was just pulling up in front of his place in his car, yes he lives opposite me.


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