So there I was riding along a quiet street in Summer Hill on my way home when a car pulled out from a side street in front of me even though the driver was looking straight at me and there were other cars on the road. Given that today hasn't been the best day for me on my bike I notched it up as just another bad driver. However, this encounter was different.

I thought it was a bit strange that this driver stopped at the intersection even though the road was clear. He was to the left of the road but he had his right indicator on.  When I pulled up beside him he wound down the window and shouted in this amazingly angry voice. His exact words to me were:

I hope you get packed raped by Middle Eastern Muslim men, ya f***kin' dyke. I hope you get hit by a truck and you get killed, a f***kin' c...'. 

The absolute hatred in his voice and what he said not only stopped me in my tracks but also several passer-bys. Thanks to the man who stopped to check that I was ok.

Oh well, another day on the bike. 


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Remember the worst day on the bike beats the best day driving.

And that it what, in a roundabout kind of way, you road-sharing "friend" was trying to verbalise.

He wasn't driving a white ute by any chance? The other week I was in Petersham on a quiet back street and the ute driver told me I was a "f*ckin c*nt that should be in jail".


hatred for no other reason than your choice of transport.

naturally, this sort of manly act is exercised safely from protection behind the armour of his vehicle.

Take it easy, breathe in,and for me, I would invest in a camera, seriously.

zeros off the stress having the option to send the footage to the cop-shop and youtube if you want to go that route.; let him explain to his kids that his actions are what being a man is all about.

Holy shit Kim, I hope you are OK. Have you reported to the police, and did you get any details?

It seems to be the theme of the day today and this weekend. Almost two years from Warniegate to the day.

Words fail me. Nobody should have to experience that. I'm glad somebody chose to stop and help.

Nobody should have to experience that.

Well thanks. :P

sorry <g>

I am already over the incident. I just took it that the guy had a mental illness or (most likely) coming down from withdrawals as the street is where the local methadone clinic is. No sane person could be as angry as this guy was.

He was in an old beat up white car with old ACT plates. 

I recon your analysis is spot on, on this unsavory character.  Its the one percent'ors that discourage so many.

I've heard that houses on the corridor between the Summer Hill methadone clinic and the train station are regular targets for break ins

They sure are! No one in that street owns a garden hose as the patients at the clinic like to cut pieces off for their use.
Yeah, didn't realise my first Sydney rental was around the corner from the meth clinic. Made walking to the station before 6am hairy, especially I'm winter (some would drink in the streets while waiting for clinic to open), and my car lost bits off it.... aerial, mirrors, etc. Took me ages to identify it, and why the sniffer dogs were always at the station *facepalm*

That guy sounds horrid. What a bizarrely angry individual. Hope the shock of it has worn off.

Sounds like a job for KCN soaked hose.


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