(technical difficulty ranking* 4/10.....*on the PeterT scale)

Doing some renovation on my steel bike and have two stuck M5 bolts and might need some heavy engineering assistance.

 #1 is in the steel fork, mid fork rack mount eyelet, steel M5 bolt that has been there since new (about 2 years) , had about a 3mm hex socket which is now completely rounded by my attempts to get the bolt undone. Have applied WD40 liberally a number of times, filed some flats on either side to grip with multigrips but refuses to move, I am afraid that if I use more force the head will snap off. The same bolt on the other fork came out without any drama.

 #2 Rear seat stay rack mount, I have had the racks off for 12 months and had put in some pretty anodised  aluminium bolts (with grease) to keep water out but when I tried to remove this one it was not as easy coming out as the similar on on other side , applied a little more force (not much really)  and the head and a few mm of bolt snapped off leaving about 10mm in the eyelet, nicely recessed so I can't get at it.

 The local LBS is not keen to touch them, any suggestions where I might get some heavy assistance at removing / drilling them out or other magic tricks.


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Elaborately Transformed Manufacturing, I will be looking for some government assistance now , big fat R&D grant maybe and some tariff protection, sponsored overseas study tour, bit of export assistance, who would have thought one little bolt could cause all this.

and a better camera

that's some nice parallel filing! 

You should be able to buy some good new bicycle tools with the $20k tax write-off rort budget measure.

Umm that write off is a cheap thrill really: businesses always have been able to write costs off against tax, it's just that you need a depreciation schedule & you do it over a little while.


Same goes with individuals, for instance if you use your personal computer for work:


Oh, and I just realised a "Rohloff Speedhub" is of course a piece of computer equipment, so over on the other thread...

Bill, you should know by now that governments aren't in the bolt business.  They are only into screwing the taxpayer, and there's no wrong way to do that as far as they are concerned!  :-)  So, bolt removal R&D - it will go the way of the paid parental scheme.

Whoa, what a roller coaster ride that was!

And I can't wait for the sequel;

nice work

Just crystal balling a future discussion

Sydney Cyclist 2025

Stuck SWAT

Doing some renovation on my carbon bike and have a stuck SWAT Door that might need some heavy engineering assistance......



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