I need to borrow a child trailer 8-15 April - can anyone help?

Hi all

I am going to Armidale to Uni of New England to do residential school for a week. i am studying by correspondence.

I am staying on campus and my  baby is going to daycare on campus. i need to get around campus, drop him off, visit him in breaks etc. he's too young to go all day in a new setting without visits.


distances are too far on campus to walk in the breaks so i reckon the way to do it is on a bike. i can hire a bike, but i need a trailer.


can anyone loan me a trailer??

I will need to fold it up for transport on the plane.

I live in Darlinghurst with Colin.


would be happy to loan you my Bullitt some time in return if its of any interest.





0425 296 727

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