Just wondering if anyone has heard of or uses Road ID bracelets when they are riding.

If not do you use some other form of identification/emergency contact numbers system?

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I guess I am looking at this as more of a quick emergency contact quick reference. I don't want people going through my wallet if they don't have, if they could ever find it in my bag in the first place. Plus I don't always ride with it.

It certainly wouldn't replace a medic-alert. I am uncertain about the likelihood of anyone actually looking at it though.
I carry my Cycling NSW membership card and a little card I made up like a business card, which has my name, address, husband's and my mobile numbers and my home phone number and email.

I usually carry two of them so I can give one to someone I might meet on the ride who might need to contact me in the future (like a business card thingy) - I have them laminated - I know I am such a Virgo.

I also always carry my mobile phone number and if you search my contacts under ICE (as Kylie said) it shows my home number, husband's mobile and husband's work number.

Someone told me that Emergency Services want that to be standard on mobile phones (the ICE contact). Is that correct DaveW?

I never carry my wallet when I ride because it is heavy, leather and stuffed full of cards I don't need when I ride.
ive got an old licence in my underseat toolbag with ICE and my partners phone number texta'd on it.
figure its not as good as having it on me but they should be able to find it in a worst case scenario of me being totalled.
drawback is that the bike most probably wont be travelling with me in the ambo...

how about putting your name on your undies? that would have been my nana's advice.
Carrying just your phone with you is not enough, more than one person I've read about or know has had a phone that didn't survive the crash leaving them with no ID or way of making a call after the accident.

Also if your not from Australia and all the contacts you have on you are from overseas try carrying a business card of an Australian friend with you. That way at least someone nearby can be there to help you (and your mum won't have a heart attack at 3am when she gets a call from Australia telling her you've been in an accident).


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