Corro received from the Member for Hawkesbury informs me that:


"The Minister also recently asked Transport for NSW to investigate options to identify cyclists. The findings will inform future policy discussions, and any recommended policy change will be subject to consultation. "

So I suppose that would mean that decals, shirts, tattoos, face recognition, DNA tests, bar codes, RFID foam hats and so on are being investigated.



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Always best to stop if you see a primary school kid as they are hard to second guess if they will stop, skip or jump in front of you.

The crossings at Manly Public in question are busy even out of school times. What is also weird about the Manly PS is that has green bike path and markings on two sides of its three street fronts.

The one on Victoria Pde( with the Pine trees) has a separated path behind the cars and next to the footpath but to get on it you use the footpath. Not that bike busy, but needs to get sorted out during school arrival and departure times.

Not hard to ride with care at this spot. Will any sign help the dumb I am in a hurry bike rider?

The chair locally is on the committee, along with a councillor who sprung from this precinct, so probably the reason it was reported. On the plus side of the ledger, they do oppose the likely $40 million boondoggle car park. 

Crossing on Darley Rd is lollipop lady controlled, Victoria isn't, as far as I'm aware. Can't say I'm around late or early enough to see the peak hour there, although do see the road>footpath>crossing and red running scofflaws up at Wentworth fairly often.

After hours activities do seem to bring on the softroader phalanx with the usual double parking, 3 points over double lines, standing in no stopping and driveway parking, maybe the case of seeing splinters over the logs?


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