As a 60km a day commuter I am starting to believe that roads are becoming a safer place than bike lanes in rush hour. In the 5 years that I have commuted I have noticed more dangerous and inconsiderate riding and more incidents as a result.

Don't get me wrong, I think bike lanes are great, but as more people use them, more people seem to lack common sense and courtesy. At least on the road there are rules, and I expect drivers to do stupid things.

In the last few weeks::

  • I have witnessed a head on collision with one rider riding on the wrong side of the bike path on a corner. It wasn't a pretty site, and there was plenty of blood and bent wheels.  The poor guy who got hit had no chance.
  • I witness daily, riders who refuse to slow down or give way where roads cross bike paths.  Only today a rider cut me off to the point I skid and hit the deck just braking to avoid him.
  • I've had multiple people run too close, or clip me whilst using footbridges, obviously they're going too fast, or do not have the skills manoeuvre a bike around a tight bend.
  • I've seen dozens of riders who refuse to slow down in areas where there are pedestrians, lots of bikes and little vision due to shadows and corners.

I don't want to start an argument here, but if you're going to use a cycle lane then apply some common sense and courtesy.  If you want to get to work earlier, leave home earlier, do not try to gain 10 seconds by cutting corners, riding too fast for your ability, or not giving way at crossings, etc.

Perhaps bike lanes need part time policing, the RTA needs to do some educational marketing, or we as riders have to remind ourselves and one another.... I do not know the answer, but I do get frustrated that people cannot ride safely, particularly after the government has invested in bike lanes. Think about it, if bike lane accidents increase, then how will that fair in promoting investment in bike lanes in the future?

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You are not alone in your views - apart from I still think bike tracks are safer if only because if you get hit by a car you are more likely to die than if hit by a bike. Both stacks where I have needed to go to hospital occurred on bike tracks.

For bidirectional cycleways they're all too narrow. That's the problem.

They are fragmented and priority is not given to cyclists appropriately. That's the problem.

People are selfish. That's the problem.

But, hey... WTF would I know.

Yeah, what would an anaesthetist know anyway?? ;-)

I know how to end a conversation... ;)

full stop?

Precious martyrs and brow beating crusaders who run away ... and then claim victory ... are just that.

End of conversation!


Actually, Warren... I was referring to rendering them unconscious, particularly the irritating ones. You can't fight the drugs.

You've still got your knickers in a twist over the Organ Donation comments in the other thread. How cute.

Me cute? ... well thank you.

If I'm not mistaken, you're the one who started raving and getting overly precious when I used the historic term organ donor to describe a helmetless rider.

I suggest that you get yourself a room and have a real love affair with your ego. 


Come on people, treat one another respectfully, or you should banish yourselves to the naughty corner until you are prepared to do so!

Dabba, G'day, and thank you for your concern.

...but I'm sorry Mate,  it is up to me to defend myself against a patronizing,  pretentious, attacking, know-it-all  jerk.

Like all supposed anesthetists, I'm chancing that this  patronizing individual ...  is not used to his victims speaking up or standing up for them selves. This ass has picked a fight and attempted to humiliate the wrong person, this time. I'm not lying down.

I can take care of myself, OK? ... so please don't interfere.

With all due respect Mate.


You posted end of conversation when you had a sense of humour failure on Thursday Warren. Taking care of yourself is not the issue at hand, it is indeed about respect and most especially about the health of this forum.


I don't think Paul has been disrespectful to yourself despite his mildly twisted jokes. And I think you do have to let out a bit of twist after a day at the office ending with fewer clients than you started with.


How 'bout you have a re-read of DamianM's directions up at the top of the forum site? Can everybody please...

Martin, you have know idea what happened, so please butt-out.

I don't take crap or bow or cow tow to any patronizing ass'h'. This bloke has attempted to humiliate and patronise the wrong bloke, this time. His so called greater intellect about life does not impress me one iota. Get the drift?

Again, with all due respect, to you Mate.



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