NPWS cycling policy

It used to be that ebikes were officially considered only OK in National Parks where motor vehicles are allowed. That is, not behind locked gates.

So, for example, The Oaks management trail was theoretically off-limits.

Point 7 on their NPWS website about cycling policy now indicates that ebikes are simply considered bicycles as far as management trails go. This page was updated in October.

Thus, by my reading, you are now OK on an ebike on management trails even where gated off to motor vehicles. I suppose that as most electric mountain bikes are pedelecs these days the world didn't cave in and they worked out that an ebike more or less corresponds to a fit rider on a mountain bike anyway. Although regulation and policy haven't changed the application of them has relaxed.


Also of note is the table clarifying access for all bikes. Again there are some historic wins in there, since there were moves a decade or two ago to exclude cycling especially from wilderness. Of course a lot of advocacy work was done at the time, and we kept our access for instance to Faulconbridge Point and on Lawson Ridge. They worked out that roads and management trails are by definition not wild, even if in declared wilderness.


There's a bit of cute interpretation around the terms 'trail' and 'track' which I suspect was done to appease walking groups who sometimes feel that bicycles should only use tracks-built-for-cars. The idea that a track a couple of inches wide is enough for a bicycle was lost on these folk. Nowadays a great many of the same do actually ride bikes themselves, and there's less tension therefore. WIN

Of course the practical reality is that the constraint applies to rangers in utes and barely applies elsewhere because rangers have to walk where they cannot drive. Making them rarer than dragons.

We are somewhat hated by certain land managers over this truth, but hey.

There's still a bit of silliness, parts of the Snowy Mountains were arbitrarily decided to be not for bicycles some years ago (a bit of a North-South divide there) although I am not aware of too much trouble in practice. Judicious dismounting does the trick, because you can walk with your bike where places are walking-only.

Catchment continues to be an access issue, although even with that we have achieved some more access here and there.

Happy, and considerate, riding! And please keep your bikes clean and free of weed seeds.

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