Infrastructure Australia -- Inner Sydney Bicycle Network

Today's announcement from Infrastructure Australia lists close to 80 projects Australia-wide that's on their Priority List.  The Inner Sydney Bicycle Network produced by the City of Sydney comes in at around 30th!!!  This proposed network covers around 15 inner-suburban councils.

Australian Infrastructure Plan

Problem category
timescale 3
Initiative development stage
Problem description
Proposed initiative
Urban Congestion
NSW Near term Business case
Inner city access to Sydney CBD
Active transport (walking and cycling) access to Sydney CBD

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Link doesn't work for me

For some reason the : goes missing when you click on the link. Put the : back in after the http 

or c&p this

Russ, when you put the links in link bar, remove the http already in place and put your link in and it will work.

If without removing the http from link bar will result in having the double http and it will not work.

Happy 70th Russ!

Tks Duncan ..... great name in cycling!  A school colleague informed me yesterday he'll enjoy the last 3 months before he turns 70!

There's a good report on all the proposals here:

Great perspective on the 'we pay for the roads' argument put forward by drivers!


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