Is anyone aware of any insurance companies that would cover bicycles for hire against theft and major damage? I have looked into Cyclecover and Velosure, neither of which offer this.



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This would be a specialist sort of cover I would expect - best to go thru a broker. Contact cyclecover and ask them can they make such a package up. Velosure are a Hollard Insurance company and not a broker so it is a bit harder to get them to change their products (usually).
Thanks Andrew, I will look into it.
Sorry to change the thread but I'm over in Sydney for a few weeks at the end of April, looking to hire a road bike but having difficulty finding any where to get access to a road bike. Ideally, a race bike would be ideal. Can anyone offer advice as to where I may be able to hire a good road bike in the Sydney area.
cheers Alan
Its seems that road bike hire is not something that is common in Sydney (no one seems to know anyone who does it) , the cost of hiring a road bike for 2 weeks wouldn't be cheap either and you might be better off buy a low end bike for the same price? maybe do a buy back deal with a bike shop?
I tend to agree with you Bernard. Alan there is a bike hire place at a Manly that has fairly good road bikes to hire, but they are about $55 a day and at that price for 2 weeks you are better off buying one. There are always the Mitchell Rd Auctions where you may be able to pick up something for cheap.


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