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See the whole picture at the CoS site (Item 3, attachment B). 

Then read everything else interesting there, and read BIKESydney's statement

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The above map is actually only the 2007 regional routes map - if you look at Appendix C - you can see the 2010 - High Priority Region Routes Map. The above map actually shows a preference to avoid Flinders - and for avoidance of Oxford St gives alternatives like the Burton - Riley - Stanley - Yurong - through Cook+Philip and Domain option. And even the straight down Bourke - Wilson St lift - Domain option.

In the High Priority one it legitimises the Flinders - Oxford St route. Im with the others here that we should look for a beginner friendly route along with the experienced cyclist route - the route they have choosen for the beginner in Appendix C is the grey dotted line - Greens Rd - Oxford St - Campbell St - Wentworth Ave. A bit weird as Oxford St is rather narrow where they want people to go there - and Wentworth Ave is not much of a beginner route either - but I suppose that could work for a Hay St - East West route - and they might be aiming for a bi-di on Wentworth?

I think the best option for beginners doing the Randwick/Kensington/UNSW run to the city down Anzac Pde is to skip the Moore Park - Flinders intersection and get them onto Bourke St as soon as possible - so get them to go down the new Cleveland St Cycleway between Anzac and Sth Dowling - and use Parkham St and Ln - sign post that well. Then tell them to stay on Bourke St all the way till William - and use that green small lane all the way into the centre of town.

A big turning point for where future beginner and experienced cyclists will go from Anzac Pde Cycleway to the city is this new bridge over Anzac Pde the premier is talking about. Where are the plans - where is it going? Aparently its for cyclists and the big crowds for the footy etc. So its going to be massive. Will it funnel us up Flinders - will it funnel us down Fitzroy - will it funnel us over near Devonshire St.
The comments in this discussion are valid. However it is also worth acknowledging what has been achieved by the City of Sydney so far. It is not easy to bring change. People tend to resist change and some have caused political issues.

I'm sure that the City of Sydney is aware of the value of a fully connected network. However, it may not be as easy as it seems considering the limited powers the City of Sydney has over the road network.
It is a bit of a "build it and they will come" thing - and they have come. And more will come again when some more of it is done and linked up. These missing links are small things really. I just love the feeling of all these beginners getting to Oxford St in a bunch - safety in numbers - and not being scared and going with the rest of the bikes.

Where beginners are scared they'll go on the footpath - I see lots of that on Cleveland St and the city. Nothing wrong with that - they'll build confidence.

The council is all about transport options - and these cycleways - although not perfect yet - will get there slowly adding to the mix. Baby steps. Lets see them putting in mini malls on George St - then we can cycle down George St. Baby steps.
am one of these beginnners cyclists'.In the last 4 months I have consistently travelled on 2 wheels more than 4.I live in Tempe and the building of the bourke street cycleway was a very big attraction of why I started.I now travel to Bronte to get my bread ,Redfern to get my veggeies and meat ,Enmore for the food coop and the Rocks for my favourite japanese restaurant,Surry Hills for lots of things-cheese ,to get my bike serviced ,eat at remy and lees,eat at Tabou and Marrickville to get my coffee fix.Travelling on these routes I have had to go on road sometimes,sometimes footpaths.Its been a judgement call.
And having these options, footpath ,offroad, road ,separated cycleway have built my confidence.
Good stuff!
With all that carrying, you would need a cargo bike to get around.
basket from netherlands at front and a cardboard box on the carry rack on the back.so far can manage
I 'm lucky in that my daughter who rode track and road has the time to go around with me and show me a few things like holding my line in traffic, picking routes, when to ride single file and when to ride two abreast . I am really loving it .The number of people who have shown us kindness far out weigh the number who have shown us aggression and hostility.
I agree - while I don't think there is anyone posting in this thread who doesn't acknowledge tha the CoS have done really well so far, not least because there are plenty of constraints on council action in this area of planning, focusing on things that aren't perfect right now can sometimes give off the impression that people aren't happy with what has already been done..

For progress to occur, though, the CoS has to keep the pressure on the state government and the RTA. To get the CoS to keep the pressure on, we need to keep the pressure on them. I don't think anyone has unrealistic expectations about what is possible or about how fast these infrastructure changes can occur, and I don't think anyone doubts the intentions and will of CoS to see things through as well as they can, but unless there are people identifying problems and putting forward solutions, unless there is that push of people power, things tend to lose their impetus.
Don't forget the Council's bike infrastructure update.

Town Hall, Monday, 4:30

cos planning development
How did this go?
Thumbs up - systems go!


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