Just a tease: 

See the whole picture at the CoS site (Item 3, attachment B). 

Then read everything else interesting there, and read BIKESydney's statement

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Looks like a network to me, very sensible.

Even though at work 4:30pm Monday would like to show support, what is the preferred method?
An email to all the councillors would be a nice touch.

I have also forwarded to some others who may care to do the same.
is there bike parking at the town hall?
With regard to a recent discussion initiated by BB, the detail maps pretty clearly show the cycle route coming along Flinders & Oxford joining to College. Will be interesting to see how this is actually done.

What I would really liken to see is the schedule for starting ( and finishing) the rest of the network.
I think there's a reluctance to publish a schedule because so many things are out of the council's control and delayed schedules will be just another thing people will complain about. Wet weather can play havoc with a schedule. Walls can unexpectedly fall down. And then there are negotiations (which are not always straightforward) to be made with Energy Australia to ensure works are not ripped up for power cabling after the cycleway is completed. At least one project has been put on hold because EA assured the council no work was to be done in the area, the construction work was planned and then EA announced that in fact they were going to do work in that area.

I'd also like to see a schedule but I understand why it's unlikely one will be published.
Connections are coming - the council absolutely understands the need for connections. That's why the the priority networks have been established. They won't all happen at once. And in some cases the networks will be signposted before the infrastructure is completed. Some of the connections are going to be complicated to achieve - those may take some time to sort out.
The priority is to now plug the gaps to create the connected routes. The signage strategy goes to council on Monday. So it seems to me that the council is now doing exactly what you want.

It seems unrealistic to me to think that at some point in a project of this scale that a decision won't be made that at some other point someone will look back and think that it should have been done it differently. What's important is that people learn from that and move on.
Yet another monday night quarterbacking armchair expert backseat driver.
Perhaps Lauren needs to know that BB is busy on the advocacy front.
Or something of that nature.
I believe that with a complementary 40km/h speed restriction also coming, gaps will be relatively tolerable.
For some, sure, but not for others.

I think it is these "others" that the cycleways need to be geared towards - those who wouldn't be confident cycling to the city if they had to share parts of the journey with traffic, even at reduced speeds.

As much as these projects are designed to improve safety for current cylists, they are also about encouraging non-cyclists to join in. Gaps in the network probably don't impact on safety of current cyclists too much if there are relatively safe on-road connections, but I do think they provide a major stumbling block for non-cyclists to give it a go.


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