Interviewing cyclists corner King and Sussex Str this morning?

Anyone else get interviewed this morning at the King Str cycleway where it meets Sussex Str? Forgot to ask her what/who it was for. Got asked a couple of questions about cycling in Sydney, and my opinion on the requested budgetary increase for cycleways. One girl with a professional camera, tripod and proper lapel mic. Maybe just a uni project or something...



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Bugger :( on a train this morning...


There's a few research things kicking on from various UNI's - could be related, not sure

Wow, you are pretty game to answer questions about the cycleway without knowing who is doing the asking. Next thing you know you will be a "cyclist from hell out to destroy Australian society by taking up valuable car space" on tomorrow night's Today Tonight or ACA!
Not likely, unless he signed a release that explained where this is being shown

what time? nope, didn't see anybody.


Saw the free tune up people at the Observatory Park again though.

Free tune up? Really? For bikes or cars?
Really, for pushbikes from the Sydney City Council. Second time I've seen them both times I've slept in and had to rush past. Think they are there every Wednesday, not sure for how long.
What a great idea. Recent rain has made everything go squeaky! Will check it out next Wednesday.

Free tune up

Isn't that Yogi's real new job?

LOL, bring on the bogan media I say. Besides I was wearing my helmet and sunnies and they can never prove it was me....mwahahaha.


Wasn't asked to sign a release which is why I'm curious now.


Would have been around 8.45 this morning. She was on the corner opposite the Slipp Inn asked me as I came down King Str and stopped at the lights heading towards Darling Harbour/Pyrmont Bridge.

If you didn't sign a release your face and statements can't be published as it would be a breach of privacy.

Since this didn't occur it wouldn't be the media. Possibly it is a university research project. 

If anyone asks me a question (apart from the 'which way to the Opera House') I tend to ask who is asking.


To her credit I think she did tell me who/what it was for but it was in one ear out the other.



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