Interviewing cyclists corner King and Sussex Str this morning?

Anyone else get interviewed this morning at the King Str cycleway where it meets Sussex Str? Forgot to ask her what/who it was for. Got asked a couple of questions about cycling in Sydney, and my opinion on the requested budgetary increase for cycleways. One girl with a professional camera, tripod and proper lapel mic. Maybe just a uni project or something...



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I've been interviewed on camera by 7, 10 and ABC in the last 6 months. I was never asked to sign a release. All three interviews were aired.
You would only normally be asked for consent if you were filmed without your knowledge in a place where you might reasonably expect privacy (i.e. not in a public place). And even then you might not, if the network was confident of being able to show that airing the film 'was in the public interest'.
OMG that is me. Blue T-shirt. Almost wish I hadn't brought it up now. Sound of your own voice is like fingernails on a blackboard.

There were some interviews in this SMH video clip thats just come out:

of course there is a car ad to start;)



Should get the bike companies in on the untapped advertising opportunity maybe

Hows about the dits? "Build more roads", there's plenty of space for that in Sydney.

I've never signed anything for my media stuff - although i've you're being interviewed, there's something that gives it away typically - a camera, mic & person asking you questions! :P


somewhat good article - cyclists view points & positive comments.


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