Hello from Sydney Uni Velo Club!  Thought I'd kick start our involvement on Sydney Cyclist by sharing with you our recent press release from Cycling NSW...

Growth is the catalyst for Cycling NSW approving a new inner city cycling club.

Barrie Mclean, Monday, 22 March 2010


Following unprecedented growth in Cycling Club membership over the past few years in inner Sydney, Cycling NSW has approved the registration of a new Club. 
Sydney Uni Velo Club has been registered with Cycling NSW and will commence operating once planning is complete. This new Club will focus on providing technical training, development of cyclists at all levels and race support for its members.  The newly formed Club is to be affiliated with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness, the student’s sporting association at the University of Sydney.  Sydney Uni is, of course, one of Australia’s premier Universities.
Other key objectives of the new Sydney Uni Velo Club will be to seek broader support of the sport and aid its sustained development at club level, working with a wide spectrum of stakeholders including government and sports administrators, professional coaches, universities, promoters and sponsors.
These new, extraordinary affiliations highlight the growth and successful progress of cycling in NSW, and particularly the demand in inner Sydney. Cycling NSW is excited by this new development as it  allows for the emergence of a dedicated racing club with links to one of Australia’s finest universities that will cater for and develop a broader range of programs and initiatives for the more competitive riders who it is anticipated will join the new club.
CNSW’s decision to allow the formation of the Club has not been made lightly and only after much deliberation by its Board.  Fundamental in the decision has been CNSW’s understanding and appreciating the specific goals and objectives of Sydney Uni Velo Club . We believe the formation of Sydney Uni Velo Club will assist with the future growth of cycling within the inner city region and will draw more volunteers to management positions.
Mr Barry Doosey, who was previously with Sydney Cycling Club where he presided over that Club’s huge growth in recent years, has moved over to a leadership position in the Sydney Uni Velo Club as Director Sportif.  Sydney Cycling Club wishes Barry and those individuals seeking to establish Sydney Uni Velo Club all the best in their endeavors.
Foundation membership, sponsorship and other enquiries may be sent to cycling@sport.usyd.edu.au

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Hi, sounds great. But why is the formation of a new club such a big deal for cycling NSW?

'CNSW’s decision to allow the formation of the Club has not been made lightly and only after much deliberation by its Board. '

seems like they want everything to involve much deliberation!

What races are your squad targeting? Will you be promoting any road/crit events in Sydney?
Hi Alex. I can't speak on behalf on CNSW, but I can say that we're happy they have decided to allow our formation!

We are developing a race program at the moment, amongst a very big list of other jobs, and I'll publish it as soon as it is formalised.

We are also looking seriously into running road and crit events in Sydney. Stay tuned...
thats really good news. I'm just looking at entering a few events for the year. I ride up on the northern beaches. Manly Warringah are running a club event this weekend, you should get some guys up there for a hit out. Always need more numbers in the A's.
Thanks, yeah we're pretty excited about it all too. We have some members out and racing already but our official launch is in May so we'll be more visible then in our kit.


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