Here is an interesting article from last year on Clover Moore's equivalent (well, not quite the same position) in New York, Janette Sadik Khan. The comments section is almost a direct copy of the Sydney newspaper comments about Clover. Lots in support, but some very violent objectors complaining about, you guessed it, loss of business and loss of parking and how the city will crumble etc etc...

I wonder how many of the people screaming about Clover (or Janette) being out of touch with the world actually know what is going on in the world...

The discussions and issues in New York are probably quite a useful indicator for Sydney.  Does anyone have any interesting stories from the front line in New York?

For example, Here is a good video from StreetsBlog that counters one of the objections to the strategy of the City of Sydney.  It shows what bicycle advocates think about separated bike lanes...

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What I'd like to see are some of the arguments that were getting thrown around when Copenhagen was at this stage
Great article. When will the diehard "drive cars at all costs brigade" get it? There's no way you should be able to drive and park in the CBD of a major world city unless you have no alternative. The CBD's of most world centres are so well serviced by public transport and hopefully bike lanes, that there should be no need to drive into the city. And given the people that do so are so lazy, governments should force them to use alternative transport, by making it prohibitively expensive to drive into the city (like the London congestion tax) or ban motorised vehicles (apart from commercial vehicles with legitimate business in the city). Cities are for people, not cars. I defy anyon to go to Venice, and not be in awe of how wonderful a city without cars can be.
I defy you.

Venice is a medieval/renaissance disneyland. It is not really a properly functioning city in the sense of Sydney, London, Amsterdam etc etc.

Once you have got over the "they have roadz that are water! And boats that are carz!" thing it gets a bit annoying having to walk a couple of kms out of your way to get to one of a handful of bridges across the grand canal that usually have a permanent people-jams from 0900 onwards. You could of course pay for a ridiculously over priced boat/gondola etc.

And the food sucks and is expensive.

Pretty though and, like most of Europe, lots of history.
I was reading a story “Farewell to cars: Groningen” in NewScientist, (actually part of a Philips Liveable Cities Award advert)

"..Groningen in the Netherlands [has a population about 190,000] is the cycling capital of Europe: 37% of all trips...are by bike. But it wasn’t always so....the city’s streets were so choked with traffic that.....the council banned cars from the centre and has since built 420kms of cycle paths...they just did it and ignored public owners argued that the ban would drive (!) shoppers away but have now been won over...with cyclists bringing in as much revenue as drivers..".
My wife is from Groningen. Its not much more than a medieval university town with very narrow lanes and is Dead Flat. Far from Sydney in many ways.


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