I got an e-mail today from cyclingexpress saying they have some good deals. This is one of those:


I am riding for almost a year in Sydney and currently use hybrid for commuting (switched from mountain) and thinking about road one. What do you think, is it any good? I am impressed with its weight and, especially, price.

2013 Verite Team S Carbon Road Bike


Sizes: S,M,L,XL
Frame: HM Carbon 12K
Fork: Azzurri High Modulus Carbon with Carbon steerer (hand made)
Groupset: Shimano 105 5700
Shifters: Shimano 105 5700
Cranks: FSA Black 50-34T
Cassette: Shimano CS4600 11-25T
Front Derailleur: Shimano 105 5700
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105 5700
Bottom Bracket: Shimano 105 5700
Chain: KMC X10
Brakes: Shimano Tektro R359
Brake Levers: Shimano 105 5700
Wheelset: Alex R450
Tyres: Vittoria Zaffiro
Handlebar: Kalloy
Stem : Kalloy
Saddle: Velo VL-1184
Seat Post: Kalloy
Headset: Integrated

Complete Bike Weight: 7.8kg

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Haven't ridden one, but I did meet someone who rode one and his comment was "Why would you buy anything else?"

I've spoken to a guy with a 3 or 4yo Ultegra/Azzurri who said that it had performed flawlessy.

His line was "Why would you need to spend any more?"

All the bits are pretty good (other than possibly the Alex wheels), and most carbon frames are made in a handful of factories in China these days, even for the fancy brands.

So for $1k, this is good value. 

And if you're using it as a daily commuter, stack that up against the $2K or so you are saving in train/bus fares and it looks even better.

It wasn't too long ago when I was considering a non carbon 105 for more than 1k to commute on so I think its good.

I look at things the way Herzog suggested too. Between my cycling and power rack at home, I should have quite a bit of spending credits per year.....in theory.

You'd struggle to buy just a 105 groupset for much less. For this money, it's exceptional value as most bikes with a similar build are around the $1500-$2000 mark. They've scrimped a bit on some of the not-so-important components such as cranks and brakes, but all the important bits (shifters, derailleurs) are 105. Interesting that a bike at this price point comes with a carbon steerer!

Agree with Herzog re: the wheels, they are the weak point in the build. If you've got the $200, consider the upgrade to the Mavic Aksyiums they offer.

My only query is why would you be clearing a 2013 model bike just 6 weeks in to the year...

not-so-important components such as cranks and brakes

You surely have your tongue firmly in cheek there, sus? Who needs to make a bike go and to stop it afterwards?

Possible answer to your only query: Because the 2014 models will be in-store next month??

Only because I need to bite it. You know what I meant, but for those who didn't - the "quality" isn't as critical. In other words there isn't as much to be gained or lost from up- or downgrading.

In other words there isn't as much to be gained or lost from up- or downgrading.

Disagree, but I'm picky with brakes. I accept that braking won't be the highest priority for people who buy road bikes.

When buying a brand name bike from a LBS you are paying almost double what you need to.  LBS have numerous advantages but price isn't one.  I paid $449 with free delivery for a mountain bike that would cost $800-$900 retail.  This was from cyclingexpress.

The bike performs great.  $450 for a MTB that I feel happy that I can safely take it downhill riding is great.

Thank you all! I decided to have a try. I was mostly concerned about the cyclingexpress itself, since I've never heard about them. Shimano 105 set even without carbon frame for that price looks nice. But with the carbon frame that's just unbeatable.

Currently I have Haro 29er Flightline 2 (Size L, 20") and feel that I want a bit bigger frame. What do you think, should I take XL this time?

My height is 183cm, but I have quite long legs (I assume that because all these 34" long jeans around are a bit short for me).

FWIW I'm 183cm and on a conventional road bike frame 57cm ST C-T and 57cm TT works for me.

yes run a tape measure to find your ett


If the size is too for your 29er then yes go up a size in the ett for the road bike


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