It's ages since his blog page on executive fitness has been updated. Is he off to foreign land, or has he been greeted with a golden handshake, or has he run out of things to say? 

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I hope he's having time off riding on his e-bike

According to this, he's on Facebook. I'm never going there.

lol, SC, the holdout from FB. I suspect the typical SC person is like you and me on that one Neil.

No, I think we are just old, Noel...  ;-)

I believe the term is "wise"

It's been two months since the last of the eagerly awaited "on your bike" editions, a long holiday break, even by Mr O' standards.

Tweet on 23rd said he was avoiding Xmas shopping by going for a ride over Manly way.

Avoiding the Christmas shopping? He's male; the Christmas shopping season doesn't officially open until midday on the 24th...

At least he is still improving the quality of SMH coverage even if we haven't seen him around here for a long while

that was a long time between drinks!

Burning fires and mud slides,eh? Sounds like you were holidaying in California.


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