WA has legalized cycling on the footpath of course Harold will be thrashing the fax machine in apoplectic rage. The question is it looks like a toss up between NSW and Victoria as to who will be the last to follow suit. I had an argument with someone on Facebook the other day who decried footpath cycling as being a problem for the poor hard pressed pedestrians. So should NSW dodge the shame of being the last to get update it's laws and catch up with the rest of the Commonwealth?

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With a Road Minister like Dunc Gay, shame is the least of our concerns

it would at least solve some road rule anomalies

Change the law whereby 13 year olds are forced to ride on the road?

Please, NSW is a common sense free zone!

I was sitting in my cage in near gridlock on the Princess Hwy the other morning and a lady rode along the footpath on a lady's bike.  I said to myself  'ride on the road and risk your life or ride on the footpath and risk $106'

Footpath riding won't become legal until one of the NSW bicycle advocacy orgs supports it - they currently don't. And it will require muting the appalling Harold Scruby pedestrian advocacy headless mouth.

It wouldn't surprise me if Duncan Gay did a sudden jack move next year though, like legalising footpath riding at the same time as forcing the ID rule, just because he can. 

It puzzzles me that contributors to this and other threads seem focussed on the LEGALITY of riding on the footpath.  I've been doing it three times a week for decades, and got chipped about twice by cops and maybe three times by pedestrians. 

For comparison, consider the legality of motorists exceeding the speed limit.  Almost all motorists ignore it (unless they've just passed the camera warning sign).  The road network still functions, because the chances of being caught speeding are very small.

I cringe when I see cyclists blithely riding along in the left hand lane of an arterial road, LEGALLY, of course, and especially at dusk, with little or no tail-light.

I may be stupid, but I'm not suicidal.  I will not ride on the road - period.


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