Is Sydney Council actually doing anything for cycling?

Can someone tell me what the hell is happening with Sydney Council's promises to build cycle paths in our area? I keep hearing Clover Moore talk about how much the Council is doing for cycling, but after 5 years of listening to media spin, there's still not a single bike path out there that the Council has done. Not one. Not counting that laughable single block or two of construction zone sitting idle for almost a year now in King Street. What is happening with that? Daily I see cyclists almost hit by cars when they try and cycle into the vehicle paths when they hit the road barricades. When I rang Council in DEcember they said it was a month off completion. I rang again today and they can't even tell me what the hold-up is. Does anyone know?

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I did not realize Clover Moore has been Mayor for as long as 5 years. Is that so?

I ride across Sydney every day and have done so for many years. I have participated in some of the council's public forums. They have put plans on display and listened to feedback. Having been a cyclist here for close on 40 years I can tell you we never had a good council for cycling until this one. I guess in summary I just said...'get real'.
Creating " SAFE BIKE PATHS " in Bourke Street Surry Hills, is an example of the VISION, that is having trouble ... at grass/ street level. The residents want SAFE CAR PARKING BAYS not affecting the bike path or car traffic lanes. SO they suggested a one lane one way street..... ( and so " save the trees " ) ......IT IS THE NARROW STREETS that need,
a variety of solutions... to create the SAFE BIKE PATHS ......
GLEBE POINT ROAD is an example of a " upgraded main-street " but with the BIKE PATH " missing ???? = WHY ?? ....... yes "vision / media spin needs to give way to REAL ( + safe ) bike paths, even on GLEBE POINT ROAD ( which could become a " bike boulevarde ? /maybe not ? ) ......
SUSTAINABLE STREETS ( safe Bike paths is part of the VISION of City of Sydney .... so it is a " challenge " to create it in Sydney CBD ..... ( HOW ??? = is the space created ?? ........and WHO FUNDS IT ??? is it the " carbon credits ? or whatever ? ...
This council is talking the talk, but not walking the walk.
Democratic process kills the pace of development. Too many opinions and compromises. But that's life.
that and dealing with the RTA and STA. Everytime the CoS comes to an intersection the RTA are involved
Too many excuses for their ineptness and inability to follow through.
Not only do Councils have to deal with the RTA, but the traffic light section of the RTA, the very heart of the evil empire!
Whose primary function is to see the movement of motorised transport
And when every road decision is actually approved by the RTA, how do you think they should proceed. Here is an example
The council wants to fix the mess at Pyrmont Bridge Rd, to do that they want to remove a car lane. The right hand turn into Murray St. Now the RTA ask for traffic modeling. Approx 150 cars an hour turning right. What it also showed is that there is approx 125 bikes per hour using the intersection to, but the RTA don't care about the bike modeling and demand that cars must access Murray St. The council put forward a right hand turn to Pyrmont St and a left into Bunn St to access Murray St, the RTA now approve. Council goes to consultation, now the residence aren't happy with that option. So back to the drawing board.
RTA has the power to overide the CoS, so why dont they just approve it, and sod the residents, like they normally do?!!

Maybe someone should relook at the scramble crossing idea, or cyclists could store in Murray St in an advanced storage box and go right when the lights changed, into Pyrmont Bridge Rd, then through the median refuge into Junction St.
Many years ago, we had a Vancouver architect suggest a bike network in Sydney CDB ( that could be adapted to Pyrmont ? ) and parts of it was elevated ....
( around the intersections .... SO THE RTA " cars are affected " argument is solved at " x" cost ..... ( it is an " idea " that can still be implimented.

But, yes BOB MOORE's criticism is probably very accurate .
Cycle Paths will never be everywhere.

We need more rights on the road.

Make pedestrian crossings shared zones, have as many scramble crossings as possible.

Introduce a vulnerable road users law.


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