Because of a typo?

Consider this example of bureaucratic writing.

The seven RIS (Regulatory Impact Statement) questions

  1. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  2. Why is government action needed?
  3. What policy options are you considering?
  4. What is the likely net benefit of each option?
  5. Who will you consult about these options and how will you consult them?
  6. What is the vest option from those you have considered?
  7. How will you implement and evaluate your chosen option?


So, we have a decision to make. I can’t make up my mind alone.

Please vote on your choice of mandatory vest for cycling when the laws come in*, or suggest another  alternative:

1. Bullet-proof vest*

*Not actually a bullet-proof vest.

2. Pretty-coloured vest

3. Light-up vest

4. Gorilla vest

*Laws may not actually be coming in.  ;-)


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the answer is obvious

See my vest, see my vest made from real gorilla chest

... he really likes the vest

So, Monty, er... Jon, I'll take that as a vote for #4.

Not very environmentally sound, I am afraid.

Only for the gorillas and last I heard, they don't drive cars so it's ok

Oooo number 2 shiney

"Let off some steam. Bennett."

Love that line!

In fact, that movie has some of the best one liners anywhere.

"I let him go." Is another beauty.

Best. Action film. Ever.

Sorry to be a pedant, but the vest depicted in #1 is not a bullet-proof vest, it is a weighted training vest.

So let's make it #5.

5. Weighted training vest

Duncan Gay will force all those pesky cyclists to wear them as it will slow them down and make them stop at red lights, just so they can get their breath back.

Why apologise? We love pedants here.

I am surprised you could make out what it actually is from that lo-res pic.

At least I might get detected at the traffic lights with a bit of iron in my vest.

I've discussed vests from a safety viewpoint and it seems that  reflective is much better than fluro in low light, when most accidents happen.

The real issue is not been seen but whether the motorist actually looked properly.  A glance only tells us if there is something that is dangerous and a bicycle is not dangerous to a car.

The 2 safest jackets are;



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