Because of a typo?

Consider this example of bureaucratic writing.

The seven RIS (Regulatory Impact Statement) questions

  1. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  2. Why is government action needed?
  3. What policy options are you considering?
  4. What is the likely net benefit of each option?
  5. Who will you consult about these options and how will you consult them?
  6. What is the vest option from those you have considered?
  7. How will you implement and evaluate your chosen option?


So, we have a decision to make. I can’t make up my mind alone.

Please vote on your choice of mandatory vest for cycling when the laws come in*, or suggest another  alternative:

1. Bullet-proof vest*

*Not actually a bullet-proof vest.

2. Pretty-coloured vest

3. Light-up vest

4. Gorilla vest

*Laws may not actually be coming in.  ;-)


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You're only allowed to ride in one of these club colours, and of course you have to be a club member!

... at least until after Jan 31.


Neither club has problems with the general public.  They do have problems with the other club

I wonder what the outcome would have been if the Work cover Hierarchy of controls had been applied to bike helmets. PPE is at the bottom of the list and therefore the least preferred option. But not cycling all together is at the top....

The options at the top of the list are more effective, as they address the hazard (the thing that could cause harm), rather than just reduce the risk (the harm that the hazard could cause).

1. Eliminate the hazard altogether.

For example – get rid of the dangerous machine.

2. Substitute the hazard with a safer alternative.

For example – replace the machine with a safer one.

3. Isolate the hazard from anyone who could be harmed.

For example – keep the machine in a closed room and operate it remotely.

4. Use engineering controls to reduce the risk.

For example – attach guards to the machine to protect users.

5. Use administrative controls to reduce the risk.

For example – train workers how to use the machine safely.

6. Use personal protective equipment (PPE).

For example – wear gloves and goggles when using the machine.

Is it just me, or do governments read that bottom up in everything they do.

#2 is the ticket, substitute the dangerous motor vehicle for the safer bicycle.

#4 is another option, attach flanges to the machine and put it on rails, so it stays on course.


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