With the exception of the Michael Rogers stage, watching a guy nurse a big lead with no contenders for the past two weeks is almost making me look forward to a Gabriel Gate segment.

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You must have been fast asleep, didn't you see the crashes resulting in broken bones, skin missing, bruised parts of the riders.

Chest infections, food poisoning.

Stage leaders getting passed within a few hundred metres of the finish line.

Main condenders retiring sick or injured all through the tour.

Gabriel Gate also does a good job describing the regions and thier food history. I agree there.

.....you're right, must have been put to sleep before all of that. Gate is great, I find it entertaining to watch a fellow Aussie pretend to be more French than the French.

I'm looking forward to La Course tonight!   About time women's cycle racing got a guernsey on TV and in the Tour.  

One small step ...

It even included a couple of crashes!
Plus it was on at a decent time to enjoy and still get some sleep.
Commentary could've been better, IMHO

Crashes - don't like seeing them.  It was a good race, only wish I had been able to see more of it. 

The peleton closed down every break away, at a blistering pace and then finished with a great sprint to the line.  That overhead shot of Marianne Vos accelerating past Kirsten Wild at 70kph or something in the last 50 metres was pretty impressive.  Awesome athlete.

On bike camera Marianne Vos - La Course

wow nice footage

Maybe it is the way it is presented?

Although I was greatly amused by the elephant...

with a damn fine name too.

But yes I think the talk about tusks was Phil and Pauls best effort for the year. Just when will they retire?

Those tusks were huge...

Cobbles were good.

Brilliant tour. Enjoyed it thoroughly. As for nursing the lead . . . really? The guy won multiple stages with a panache we haven't seen for quite a while. Who would have expected him to gap the GC guys on the cobbles? "Nibbles" put on a masterclass. On top of that you had the Frenchmen fighting it out for a place on the podium with Valverde. And then there was Sagan's continual frustration with his inability to win a stage. What about Majka  . . .  the guy didn't even want to be on the Tour at the start? The crowds in England  . . .  the sprint on the Mall.

With respect, if you didn't like that then you're probably just a cyclist and not a cycling fan.

Gaté . . . well let's just say that's been done before. I actually said to my wife they should update and go with someone like Luke Nguyen who's culinary journey around France on SBS has been a revelation (to me at least). 

The weakest point of the coverage for mine has been Phil and Paul's commentary. If you have the technical ability I suggest switching on to Eurosports. The Greg Lemond pieces got progressively better . . .including him climbing the Tourmalet for the first time since 1991 (without a helmet)!


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