With the exception of the Michael Rogers stage, watching a guy nurse a big lead with no contenders for the past two weeks is almost making me look forward to a Gabriel Gate segment.

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Not great in terms of closeness, but Nibali's riding off the front and attacking when he was already safely in the lead was fantastic. That's real racing. Not Nib's fault his potential challengers can't stay upright. BTW, it's only in recent years that the time gaps have been narrow - even in the Armstrong days, except for 2003 he "won" his 7 tours by 5-7 minutes, with similar ease. This hasn't been the most boring tour, but possibly the weakest in memory in terms of actual finishers able to contest GC.

The most boring tours were the 5 won by Indurain, where he would do a great TT in week 1 or 2, then just ride with Rominger, Zulle, Chiappucci, Bugno up the hills etc. And none of them were really strong enough to challenge him, and he was rarely attacked. And Indurain almost never attacked himself.

It was such a relief when Bjarne came along and rolled big Mig in 1996 (even if Bjarne's win is totally discredited now). Riis rode well, and attacked regularly, including when in yellow.  

Cycling fans are so fickle. 

Many uttered the same thing about 2013. And 2012. And 20.. 

Same with the Classics. This year fans went from "the Classics are so boring and predictable these days...WOW BEST TOUR OF FLANDERS EVA!!!..the Classics are so boring these days"  all within the space of a month.

I liked the fight out for the minor podium spots and hard not to be impressed with Nibali, though I think Froome and especially Contador going so early marred the race for top spot.

Impressed Jean Christophe Peraud managed to climb so well and then time trial'ed his way to a podium spot to add to his MTB achievements at the end of his career. KOM was also active, while points race was interesting early on and the sprints were ofcourse always exciting especially as Kittle fizzled out.

Overall good watching as TV goes.

Nursed a lead?! He attacked in Yorkshire, he attacked on the cobbles, he attacked in the Vosges, he attacked in the Alpes, he attacked in the Pyrenees and he took time in the time trial. Short of launching a Merckxesque solo 200km breakaway on a flat stage, I'm struggling to imagine what more you wanted from the guy!


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